Boy scalds as a waiter accidentally slips and pours hot broth over him

Boy scalds as a waiter accidentally slips and pours hot broth over him

The waiter is seen standing apologetically as the parents frantically try to manage the boy's scalds.

In a horrifying video that is being shared on Social Media, we see a family having a meal at what appears to be a steamboat restaurant. The father, mother, and the boy are having a conversation as a waiter passing by accidentally slips. The worst part is, he is carrying hot broth and it spills all over the young boy.

It is honestly very difficult to watch and write about this incident. However, we all have to learn through mistakes, sometimes, not ours. So, this is a learning lesson for parents, waiters, and restaurant owners alike.

The accident

As reported in a Thai daily, apparently this happened recently in a restaurant in China. The footage, captured by the CCTV camera shows the family seated at the table. The father is on one side of the table and the boy and the mother on another side. The boy, around 5-10 years of age is seen enjoying the conversation. Sadly for him, he has not been seated on the side away from the passers-by.

As the waiter comes near their table, he slips on the wet floor. He is carrying a pot of hot broth, and it slips and falls on their table. The father is seen throwing the pot away from the table. Meanwhile, the boy is scalded and his mother picks him up and takes him to a corner. The father realises what has happened and rushes to the boy, who is seen writhing in pain and shock. The waiter is seen apologising to the family.

There is no report on the current status of the boy. We hope he is alright. 

Whose fault is it?

After the video was shared on social media, people started pointing fingers. A vast majority thought that the parents were at fault. After all, who lets a boy sit on that side of the table? He should have been seated on the inside, away from the passing people. Children have a tendency to move around and can accidentally touch hot dishes as they pass by.

A few others blame the waiter. Ideally, he should have carried the broth in a lukewarm state and then heated it at the table. Or, he should have at least used the Dimsum cart, seen right behind the table. The remaining blame the restaurant owner for not providing safe shoes to the waiter.  

I am not sure whose fault it is. That said, the world is a bad place, and parents should anticipate accidents and ensure that the children are safe. That is why being a paranoid parent is not a really bad thing. 

What to do if someone scalds or burns

Accidents happen, and instead of blaming, we can all learn from this episode and be prepared for the worst. Well, if not the worst, we can at least know the basic first aid in such situations. 

Scalds and burns

A burn is caused by a hot object or fire, and a scald is caused by a very hot liquid. In either case, the management is more or less the same. 

Here is a step by step guide for managing scalds and burns

  1. Remove the heat. If it is a fire, use a blanket to put it out. If it is clothes, try to get them off, unless the skin is stuck to it. 
  2. Use cold water. Run cold water over the wound for 10-20 minutes. Don't use ice or any home remedies. It might just end up infecting the wound. In this case, the parents should have removed his shirt and poured water over the burns. Or if it was stuck, they should have had just poured cold water over the shirt. 
  3. Assess how bad the wound is. It is serious if the wound is- 
    • larger than the size of the casualty's hand

    • on the face, hands or feet, or

    • a deep burn

  4. If it is a serious burn, rush to a hospital. Wrap the wound with a common kitchen cling film on the way to prevent the body from losing water and to keep the infection at bay. 
  5. If it is a non-serious wound, you can still wrap it with a cling film. I prefer to use Opsite Flexifix or something similar. 

I hope it never comes to it, but it is better to be prepared. 

(Image: screen grab)

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Written by

Anay Bhalerao

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