15-year-old Singapore Boy Dies In Shower Due To Electrocution

15-year-old Singapore Boy Dies In Shower Due To Electrocution

A young boy just got electrocuted to death, while in the shower. What went wrong?

In what comes as shocking news, a simple act of taking a shower turned disastrous for 15-year-old Tan Yao Bin, in Singapore. He apparently died of electrocution.

What happened that night

According to The Straits Times, the incident happened on the night of Nov 29, at Block 233, Bukit Batok East Avenue 5.

It hadn't been long since the boy had gone to take his shower, when his family heard loud screams. They rushed to the bathroom only to find him motionless and unconscious. He had apparently suffered cardiac arrest.

His brother, Mr Tan Qi Lin, 19, said, "My older brother, my dad and I immediately turned off the electrical supply at home. We saw that the wiring for the heater was exposed in the toilet itself."

Rushed to hospital

The Singapore Civil Defence Force rushed the boy to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital while he was still in an unconscious state.

Unfortunately, paramedics were unable to revive him, in spite of continuously administering CPR throughout the journey. The hospital pronounced Tan Yao Bin dead at around 9:56 pm.

Investigations are still in progress.

Family shattered

Tan Yao Bin was known to be a smart and friendly boy. His death has come as a huge blow to the close-knit family, who have been living in the unit all their life.

They strongly feel that everybody should re-examine their unit's electrical wiring, "Check that the wiring for your heater is properly installed so that the same thing doesn't happen to your family."

Our condolences go out to the family.

Electricity is one of the scariest and most dangerous hazards at home. What makes it especially lethal is that is silent, invisible and super fast. Here are some precautions that we can take at home, to prevent electrical hazards:

  • Always employ a licensed electrician to install or repair electrical wiring. This is to ensure compliance with electrical safety codes and prevent injuries and future accidents.
  • Never mix water and electricity. Always keep electrical appliances away from water and moisture. If a plugged-in appliance falls into water, do not attempt to retrieve it or check whether it's working. Go immediately to your home's panel board and shut off power. When that's done, the appliance can be safely unplugged and removed from the water. Once the device has dried thoroughly, you should have an electrician evaluate whether or not it's fit for continued use.

When using electricity in wet areas, always wear rubber sole shoes. Never touch appliances or switches with wet hands.

boy dies in shower in Singapore

  • Listen to your appliances. When an appliance repeatedly trips a circuit breaker, blows a fuse, or gives you shocks, have it inspected by an electrician as early as possible.
  • Remember to use safety covers for outlets, if there are young children or pets at home.


Source: The Straits Times

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