Bouncy castle accident teaches parents important safety lessons

Bouncy castle accident teaches parents important safety lessons

What you need to know about hiring bouncy castles?

What’s a kids’ party without a bouncy castle? Little ones love these colourful, cushiony structures that let them leap and bounce around in safety — or so we thought. Did you know that bouncy castles can be extremely dangerous to your child? A recent bouncy castle accident has proven this, shocking parents everywhere.

Bouncy castle accident in China

At China’s Huangping County Cultural Plaza, a bouncy castle was blown upside down while kids were playing inside it. An onlooker captured the scary bouncy castle accident and how the children got hurled to the ground below.

The inflatable toy was set up in the square by a private company. But perhaps it was not secured properly to the ground. So, after a strong wind started blowing, the entire castle was lifted like a kite and then flipped over, throwing the kids down.

The kids can be seen tumbling and sliding down the bouncy castle in video clips that are circulating on social media. 

bouncy castle accident

Kids tumbling inside | Image: YouTube

Three kids were injured as they crashed on the tables, the chairs, and the floor. Two of the kids are in critical condition. The clip also shows a child falling down from a great height, believed to be at least 30 feet. An adult is seen trying to catch the child, but he himself gets stuck under the castle. 

Apparently, the parents had noticed that the wind was picking up, but they believed that the castle was securely fastened. And that’s why did not bother to take the kids out of the bouncy castle. 

After the bouncy castle accident, the plaza was closed down and local authorities are investigating the matter.

Bouncy castle accident: safety tips for parents

Whether you are installing a bouncy castle at your kids’ birthday party or you’re taking them out to play where there is one, here are some important tips to avoid a bouncy castle accident like the one reported above. 

1. Adult supervision

Making the bouncy castle an enjoyable and safe experience for your child is largely in your hands. Ensure that a responsible adult is supervising play at all times.

You may need to check that the kids are off the walls or away from them. Also keep in mind that you don’t exceed the maximum number of kids playing inside the bouncy castle. Most importantly, do check that the castle is securely fastened to the ground with the help of pegs or sand bags. 

2. Avoid rough play
bouncy castle accident

Tips to avoid bouncy castle accidents | Image: Screengrab from YouTube

A bouncy castle accident could also take place because of somersaulting, wrestling or rough play by the kids inside.

In fact, these are the most common causes for such accidents. It is important that you inform the kids beforehand that such activities are not allowed in the bouncy castle. Moreover, if you see them engaging in such play, you should immediately take action to stop it. 

3. Ensure similar-sized kids are in the castle at any given time

When you’re hosting a party, it’s natural that you may have children of various age groups. But make sure that you only allow kids of similar size to play in the bouncy castle. You may simplify it by dividing the guest kids into different age groups like five to seven, or eight to 10 and so on. You can then allow the kids to enjoy the bouncy castle in these groups. 

At the same time, it’s important to follow the proper restrictions. A children’s bouncy castle is not meant for teenagers and adults. Naturally, they should not be allowed to use it. 

bouncy castle accident

Taking responsibility | Image: file image

4. Follow weather restrictions

When there are heavy winds or rain, it is risky to use a bouncy castle. According to Health and Safety Executive, UK, if the wind picks up above 24mph, bouncy castles should not be used. Because of rain the bouncy castle can become slippery due to the water and mud brought in by guests. 

Watch the dramatic bouncy castle accident here: 


Sources: Mirror, BIHA, YouTube

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