Try the newest sports craze in Bubble Soccer with Cohesion

Try the newest sports craze in Bubble Soccer with Cohesion

With games such as Bubble Soccer and Archery Tag, guarantees fun for the whole family!

Have you ever played soccer in an inflated bubble?

Here at theAsianparent, we’re always looking for new, fun & upcoming activities for our team! We constantly are on the lookout for activities that allow everyone, from any age group, to participate in.

We’ve got many soccer fans in the office, and growing up in Singapore, many of us fondly remember soccer games under the void deck. It’s safe to say that although soccer is a sport loved by all and played by many, none of us had ever played soccer whilst encapsulated in an inflated bubble covering our upper body and head.

Cue, located at 2 Whitley Road, who customised our entire team-bonding event according to our needs. Not only were we treated to an hour of Bubble Soccer, but also to their new fun game, Archery Tag - this was perfect for everyone in the team, of all ages!



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Upon our arrival at the pitch, we were greeted by 2 of Cohesion’s very own trained facilitators, who showed us how to put on the bubbles that we would be playing soccer in. We were then split into two teams, red and blue, and introduced to the rules of the game - we were also constantly reassured that if we were to fall, the bubble would soften our fall!

To warm ourselves up, we first indulged in a game of bubble dodgeball, where we had to knock members of the opposing team off their feet. The first team to have all their members down would win. Following that, we played bubble invasion - whereby we would have to get our elected player our team, to invade the other team’s home base - and finally, bubble soccer! Bringing us back to our beloved sport, with the same rules, same game, but in a different outfit!



Archery Tag

In true fashion, they topped off our memorable experience with giving us the opportunity to shoot arrows, making us look like seasoned archers! We were given an introduction to archery, followed by a lesson on how to hold a bow properly, the proper stances, and the correct way to shoot an arrow.


We put our newly-acquired archery skills to the test with an exciting game of archery tag, whereby we used our bows and specially made foam-tipped arrows (which are very safe!) to play a game of tag. If one of the arrows touches you, you’re eliminated!

For kids too!

Not only does offer Bubble Soccer and Archery Tag games, they also offer Lazer Tag and Sword Tag!’s long value chain of games are suitable for every age group; lazer tag is suitable for your loved ones aged 9 is below, and archery tag and bubble soccer is well suited for kids aged 9 and up.


These activities are fun for the whole family, and are unique kid-friendly activities for your next birthday party or gathering - your little loved ones won’t have to worry about being bored!

For a fully customised event, or more information, visit any one of Cohesion’s sites below!


Bubble Soccer

Sword Tag

Archery Attack


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