Boost your child’s day with a morning dose of yummy whole grains

Boost your child’s day with a morning dose of yummy whole grains

Give your little kings and queens a breakfast rich in whole grains... because good health is one of the most valuable gifts you can give them! Read this article now to find out about the benefits of a breakfast that includes whole grains.

Have you heard of the saying “eat breakfast like a king”? This statement is completely true and even more so when it comes to your little queens and kings!

Breakfast is clearly your child’s most important meal of the day as it gives your little one the energy and nutrition to get through his day. What’s more, research* has highlighted that a balanced breakfast helps kids perform better at school and even record higher test scores.

Experts agree that a healthy breakfast should contain elements of the four food groups: fruits/vegetables, dairy, meat (or protein alternatives) and grains — ideally whole grains.

While it’s quite easy for mums to include foods from the first three groups in their child’s breakfast, the importance of whole grains is often overlooked, as they are perceived to be not as ‘interesting’ or tasty as other foods. But guess what, mums? The humble whole grain has so much to offer and its many lifelong benefits certainly make it quite interesting for us parents!

Why are whole grains so important?

Whole grains, when included in breakfast, mostly make up the ‘energy’ portion — and it is this that provides your child with both the mental and physical energy he needs to get through his day. They also have many other health benefits for your child, which you can read about in this article.

Despite all these, Singaporean children are not getting enough whole grains, according to a nationwide dietary survey of over 500 Singaporean children (age 6-12) by Newcastle University International Singapore.

The survey, which assessed kids’ whole grain consumption patterns, found that six in 10 children are not eating any whole grain, and 94% of children surveyed did not meet the recommended whole grain intake of 48g per day.

Mums, isn’t it time we broke this alarming trend? There is a way you can do this, which is by incorporating whole grains in your child’s most important meal of the day — breakfast.

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Add a yummy wholegrain breakfast cereal to your children’s day and watch them shine!

Whole grain cereals for a wholesome breakfast

Mornings are undoubtedly the busiest part of a mum’s day. In the midst of getting your kids ready for school, how is it possible to ensure that they also have a healthy breakfast, complete with whole grains?

Breakfast cereals are a convenient way to do this, especially those such as Nestle’s Koko Krunch, which ensure that your child gets an adequate amount of whole grains for loads of energy and nourishment to get through the day.

Good breakfast cereals such as this — which contain whole grain wheat as the first ingredient as well as have reduced sugar, salt and fat — tick all the right boxes for both kids and mums.

Kids love it because:

  • It is fun and oh-so delicious to eat.
  • They can eat it even while traveling, including on the way to school, meaning they really don’t have an excuse to skip breakfast at all!
  • In addition to breakfast, it also makes for a yummy and nutritious snack, both at home and at school.

Mums love it because:

  • It is a convenient and super healthy breakfast option for the morning rush even for the most time-strapped mums.
  • Little ones get enhanced micronutrient intakes, especially for B vitamins, magnesium, iron, and zinc.
  • It is the best way to ensure kids get an energy boost to take them through their day while meeting their daily whole grain requirement.
  • Kids get the added benefit of calcium-rich milk in their diet.
  • They are content in knowing that by giving their kids whole grain cereals, their little ones’ overall health is in good hands too.

Mums, proper nutrition is one of the best gifts you can give your children and one that they will thank you for as they grow older.

So give them the gift of good health every day through wholesome wholegrain breakfast cereals and watch your little ones go from strength to strength!

*Queto & Chinen, 2008; Rampersaud et al. , 2005; O’Sullivan et al., 2009. 

Mums, tell us in a comment below: what does your child have for breakfast and do they eat whole grains? 

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