This Blind Father Takes His Baby to Childcare by Train Every Day!

This Blind Father Takes His Baby to Childcare by Train Every Day!

Read this heartwarming story of a blind father who takes his baby to the childcare by train every day! How does he overcome his challenges?

He takes his 8-month-old son to the childcare every day, by train. He says matter-of-factly, "My wife and I work in different areas. My workplace is closer to the childcare, that's why I drop my baby off every day."

Both Muhamad Firdaus bin Hairi, 29, and his wife, Noor Hidayah binti Ibrahim are blind.

Not born blind

So was he born blind? Firdaus tells us this sad story, "I'm not blind from birth. In the process of celebrating my birth in the hospital, too many lights were put near the baby cot. My eyes were not covered properly and the optic nerve got damaged."

Firdaus was born in Selangor, Malaysia, and completed his early education in Port Klang. He then went on to receive special education for the blind. He later pursued a diploma in TAHFIZ Quran and Preaching at Darul Quran Islamic Development Department, Selangor. Since 2014, he has been working as a clerk at Alfitrah Foundation, where he proofreads the Braille Qurans they produce, as well as helps produce other Islamic texts in Braille.

Love of his life

We asked Firdaus how he met his wife. He shares, "I know my wife from school. We were both athletes. She would represent the school for the 100m and 200m races and I, for the 400m, 800m and 1500m races. After school, we lost touch for about ten years, because I studied the Quran and my wife started editing Braille text books in a company in Kuala Lumpur (KL)."

This Blind Father Takes His Baby to Childcare by Train Every Day!

But Fate it seems, had other things in store, "We met again in a function where I read the Quran." Thus began a relationship of love, which later culminated in marriage. Today they are proud parents of 8-month-old Muhammad Razin Hamizan bin Muhamad Firdaus.

Baby Muhammad Razin has normal eyesight.

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Ordinary life

How does Firdaus manage his daily activities? He even messages and emails! He tells us, "I do everything like an ordinary person, only difference is I use screen reader software. This means that what is on the screen can be read by the software and I hear it. The name of the software is JAWS for computers, and TalkBack for Android phone. So there's no problem for me to respond."

"As for why I use the train, it is very easy for us to use the train, as our workplace and home are close to the train station. The bus system is quite tough for us because it is difficult to see the numbers and locations."

Advice from experience

What would Firdaus like to tell our readers?

He shares some poignant thoughts, "'Normal' people should be grateful to God, and use their senses wisely and for the benefit of all."

This Blind Father Takes His Baby to Childcare by Train Every Day!

"Please do not despise 'imperfect' people as they may be perfect and special in other ways. I want to tell all disabled people to not feel inferior about our shortcomings. God has made us all different, for a reason. We must keep trying to be successful. There is no high and low, we are all the same people, same creations of God."

Indeed. We take so many blessings in life for granted, and crib about silly inconveniences. People like Firdaus show us what overcoming challenges is all about. He inspires us to be grateful for what we have, to live and love life, and to do good to all.

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