Beyonce's 3-year-old adorns a designer dress worth SGD3,000!

Beyonce's 3-year-old adorns a designer dress worth SGD3,000!

Blue Ivy continues to follow in her fashionable mum's footsteps.

Beyonce, who needs no introduction, ensures her 3-year-old daughter Blue Ivy is as fashionably turned out as her mummy.

She posted an adorable photo of herself dancing with her baby girl on social media, the duo looking ever-so stunning in matching white dresses.

But wait, don't just run out to get your daughter a similar one. You'll need to save up quite a bit before you do because the sparkling dress (by designer, Mischka Aoki) cost a whopping USD2,100 (SGD 3,000)!

This isn't the first time Beyonce and Blue Ivy have played dress-up together. On Halloween, the mother-daughter duo showed up in matching costumes too.

With parents who adore her and being blessed with a wardrobe to die for, this young lady is definitely on her way to becoming a fashionista!

Lead image credit: Getty Images

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