The best sleepwear for your newborn, infant and toddler

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The rules of sleepwear for your child change according to his age. Find out more about this important topic in this article.

Best sleepwear for baby

Best sleepwear for baby: Have you thought about the ideal sleepwear for your precious baby? If you haven’t, the information in this article will help.

Just look at your precious newborn looking so cute in those itsy bitsy two-piece pyjamas, all snuggled up and cosy in bed. But have you ever stopped to think that perhaps those pyjamas are not the most appropriate sleepwear for your little angel?

Sleepwear for your baby shouldn’t just be about looking adorable or being comfortable. Safety needs to be factored in too – and in a big way. Taking all this into account, experts recommend that children of different ages be dressed in appropriate sleepwear that ticks the two main boxes of comfort and safety (okay, it’s a bonus if they’re cute, too!).

If you’re wondering exactly what you should be dressing your little one in at bedtime, we’ve done the legwork for you and come up with this handy guide for appropriate sleepwear for children of different ages.

best baby sleepwear

Yes, this baby tucked in with her stuffed toys is adorable. But for the sake of safety, your little one should not sleep with stuffed toys, or under heavy bedding.

Newborn sleepwear (age 0-3 months)

It’s really important not to dress newborn babies in sleepwear that is too loose, too warm, rides up and over their faces, and/or has ribbons or ties. This is in order to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), which newborns are most vulnerable to in the first four months of their lives.

Experts indicate that loose clothing as well as ties and ribbons could pose the risk of strangulation or suffocation while your baby is sleeping. And while you think your little one needs to be kept really cosy while he is sleeping, sleepwear that is too warm, especially in our humid climate, can also increase the risk of SIDS.

The best sleepwear for your newborn are footed “onesies” and sleep swaddles/ sacks. Remember to not have any pillows, soft toys or blankets in your newborn’s cot.

If your newborn is in a footed romper or onesie, swaddled or in a sleeping bag, the ideal temperature of his room should be between 23 – 25°C. If you like the idea of a sleeping bag or swaddle, then dressing your baby in a short onesie (underneath the sleeping bag/ swaddle) should be adequate and will ensure he doesn’t overheat.

Best sleepwear for baby

A correctly swaddled newborn will feel snug and secure, just like he did in your womb.

Where to buy newborn sleepwear: 

You can find a lovely range of newborn sleepwear that is practical, safe and totally cute at Check out their range here. You’ll spend approximately SG$30 for a pack of three, footed newborn sleepsuits. They offer free delivery for orders over SG$40 (otherwise, it’s SG$6 per order).

Mothercare Singapore also has a good selection of newborn sleepwear. Just drop by a store closest to you and check out their range.

If you’d rather pop your newborn in a sleeping bag or swaddle, check out the very clever Gro-snug. The two best things about it are its ergonomic design that reduces the risk of hip dysplasia in your baby, and the ease with which you can use it on your baby. Just unzip it, zip up your little one and you’re done!

The Gro-snug costs SG$49.90 and you can find it at Motherswork, Kiddy Palace and

Best sleepwear for baby: How should you dress your baby for sleep between the ages of three to 12 months? Head on to the next page to find out. 

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