13 best sand play areas in Singapore

13 best sand play areas in Singapore

Many mums invest in fancy sand play equipment for their kids. How about letting your little ones experience the real thing, by taking them to one of the sandy playgrounds in Singapore? As they dig, shovel, and rake, children are developing their gross motor skills. When they pour, sift and build castles, they improve their fine motor skills.

Singapore has some wonderful sandy play areas. Instead of a play date, how about meeting at one of these lovely sand play areas. A great way to catch up with old friends and make new ones. And remember, playing in the sand has numerous benefits.

#1 Tiong Bahru Park adventure playground

The huge train structure, which is the centerpiece of the park, is a kid magnet. From slides coming out of the train to climbing structures, little ones are thrilled while landing on sand. A running maze, flying fox and merry go round are other attractions of this sandy playground. Of course, there is more than enough room if you’re looking for space to build sandcastles!

#2 Goldhill Avenue playground


This cute little neighborhood playground tucked away in Goldhill Avenue is a must visit. Kiddies will love the small sandpit, not too intimidating but enough room to play. They have the regular slides and the tube one too. If not for the sandpit, a swing, jungle gym equipment and a grassy field for skating and scoot biking will keep kids happy.

#3 Palawan beach

This family friendly beach is ideal for sand play. Kids can build huge sandcastles, before dipping their feet in the water. There is an adjoining play area if kids are bored of sand play. The other huge attraction is the adjacent water park Port of Lost Wonder, perfect for splash happy kids.

#4 East Coast beach

One of the most popular sandy beaches in Singapore, East Coast beach is a great place for sand play. You can find a quiet spot along the long stretch of the beach, and put your kids down to play. Jumping on sand, writing names in the sand are all fun activities that kids will enjoy. If your kids are too messy from the sand, help them dip their tiny toes in water or take a dip too.

#5 Labrador Park

If you are looking for a large sandy playground for the kids to get dirty, head to Labrador Park. The wooden maze and park grounds are beautiful open spaces to enjoy. You can walk along the nearby Bukit Chermin Boardwalk to take in views of the sea at Sentosa.

#6 Mount Emily park playground

mount emily

Mount Emily Park playground is a hidden gem. Perched on Mount Emily hill, this green park playground is perfect for joggers, dog walkers and kids, of course. The big attraction is the sand play area that is interspersed with slides and swings. It is quiet and peaceful, and is thronged by families of littlies who live in the area. And guess what, the sand here is actually white in colour!

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7 other best sand play areas in Singapore

#7 Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden

Adjacent to the famous Jacob Ballas water play area lies the sand pit. Within the sand pit area, there are some funny play structures that kids will enjoy. The spinner is super fun, and a see saw is what kids enjoy too. It’s all so fun to get dirty here, before hopping over for some water play.

#8 West Coast playground

This large park in the West Coast area, is famous for its Adventure Playground, laid out on sand. While little ones get busy making sand castles and digging tunnels, the older lot can swing across the tall rope pyramid and Viking ship. Little ones can entertain themselves at the miniature fire engine and music panel, once they’re done with building their castles.

#9 Telok Kurau Park playground      

If you are in the Joo Chiat area in Singapore, make a trip to the Telok Kurau Park playground. This playground, set within a large park, has a cozy little sandpit corner where kids can dig in. After some sandy playtime, kids can run over to the holey climbing structure, great for working those little muscles. There are slides, swings and bobbing playthings to keep kids engaged for hours.

#10 Pasir Ris playground

This is one of those playgrounds, which has everything under one roof. Amazing slides and variously sized climbing structures, a lovely sand play area, and lots of green spots for cycling, basketball and roller blading. There is also a music play area, which is set on sand. Little ones love jumping around in the uneven surface while keeping busy.

#11 Katong Park playground

One of Singapore’s oldest leafy enclave in the East Coast area, Katong Park has a lovely sand play area. The entire park equipment is set on sand, from rope spinners, track ride, and multiple swings. Kids will love the thrill of running around on sand, while climbing these structures. A walk along the park is also recommended. Don’t miss the reflexology path, great for people who need a foot massage.

#12 Sembawang Park Playground

If you are willing to venture out a little far, head to Sembawang Park located in the North. The Park’s playground based on the warship design, is super cool. Complete with gun turrets, smoke stacks and a rudder, the playground structure will take you back to Sembawang’s naval heritage. Kids will love discovering different areas of the structure, before rolling their way to the soft sand below.

#13 Bishan Ang Mo Kio Park playground

A visit to the very large Bishan Ang Mo Kio Park is totally worth it. The sand play area is one of the three (adventure play and water play) play areas within the park. The sand play area has a digger, which kids love, especially those whose world revolves around trucks and bulldozers. With so much happening, the park’s definitely a day trip in itself.

Any other sand play area that we might have missed out? Share with us below!

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