9 Must Try Chinese New Year Menu Items—Before They Run Out

9 Must Try Chinese New Year Menu Items—Before They Run Out

The Lunar New Year is fast squeaking up on us! This once-a-year festivity brings limited edition treats! If you are thinking of trying out some unique Chinese New Year goodies, you definitely don’t want to miss out on this one.

Best CNY Goodies 2020 For A Prosperous New Year
best cny goodies 2020

Photo: Tim Ho Wan


Feast on Tim Ho Wan’s special seasonal dishes such as the Pan-fried Pork Buns (S$6.50), Golden Salted Egg Lava Bun (S$6.50) with a piping hot and velvety filling, and the soft and chewy Pan-fried Rice Cake (S$5.00).

Don’t miss their popular Hong Kong Pork Chop with Noodle—sink your teeth into the succulent, juicy pork chop that’s seasoned with fragrant 5-spice powder.

Available at all Tim Ho Wan restaurants in Singapore, except the Marina Bay Sands restaurant.

When: 15 January 2020 to 16 February 2020


Celebrate this Lunar New Year with Jamie Italian’s special family dinner menus. You can look forward to an exclusive Lunar New Year sharing plank (VivoCity outlet) where you can choose between the scrumptious Seabass with Asian-style Agro Dolce or Golden Phoenix with Mandarin Sauce. The set also includes chicken & mushroom ravioli, asian greens and pasta of your choice.
9 Must Try Chinese New Year Menu Items—Before They Run Out

Choose between Seabass with Asian-style Agro Dolce (left) or Golden Phoenix with Mandarin Sauce (right). | Photo: Jamie’s Italian

If you prefer traditional Chinese main courses, Jamie’s Forum outlet offers a-la-carte specials such as Pan-fried duck breast with kumquat sauce ($39.98), salmon lasagne ($40.98) and fragrant osmanthus jelly with creamy, lychee panna cotta ($18.98).
When: 24 January 2020 to 2 February 2020
Jamie’s Everlasting Prosperity Plank for $88++ (VivoCity outlet) 
A-la-carte options at various prices (Forum outlet)
best cny goodies 2020

Photo: The Capitol Kempinski Hotel

Treat your loved ones and friends to an exquisite tea at the LOBBY LOUNGE called the Red Rhapsody afternoon tea with five delightful courses. Start off with a taste of East and West with exclusive bites such as Turkey Cranberry Quiche and Prawn Tomato Salsa in Beetroot Shell, and finally end off with all things sweet and pink: Rose Lychee Panna Cotta and Elderberry Choux amongst others. Both tea and champagne pairings are available. 

When: 17 January 2020 to 26 January 2020


High tea set at $58++ per pax with tea pairing

$78++ with tea pairing and two glasses of champagne


Ease into a healthful reunion with Cedele’s wide variety of treats this Chinese New Year. One mouth watering option is the Pineapple Pocket Pie ($23)—a number one seller every Chinese New Year. The crumbly and buttery pastry holds a lightly sweetened pineapple jam to make the festivities even sweeter for you and your family.
best cny goodies 2020

Best cny goodies 2020: Irresistible Pineapple pocket pie. | Photo: Cedele

And if you are looking for a healthier Yu Sheng option, you can consider Cedele’s Prosperity Toss Salad ($45, good for 10 pax) that contains smoked salmon, pulled sesame chicken, button mushrooms, quinoa and more, drizzled with plum sesame dressing. Huat ah!

When: Available until 8 February 2020


best cny goodies 2020

Exclusive CNY Special Mr Rat Chocolate. | Photo: Janice Wong

The Lunar New Year is squeaking up on us, just like these playful chocolate rats ($35 a pair)! Filled with surprise fillings of cocoa almonds, they are a CNY special this year, not to be missed!

Other exclusive festive treats include Janice Wong’s new Hae Bee Hiam Cookie, along with CNY signatures such as Chocolate Bakkwa Cookie and Pork Floss Bakkwa Cookie. Comes in single cookie jars and prices start from $18. All treats are available online and in store.

When: Until the end of January 2020


6. Délifrance

9 Must Try Chinese New Year Menu Items—Before They Run Out

Photo: Delifrance

Délifrance’s Orange Ingot Madeleines are back this CNY—delicate, buttery and fragrant and infused with citrusy sweetness. Get them at $7.80 (6 pcs). 

For a more savoury treat, consider the Seafood Sandwich set ($12.90) or Salmon Lasagne ($17.90) that brims with flaky salmon chunks layered with al dente pasta sheets, blanketed by an irresistible cheese sauce. 

*Both the Seafood Sandwich set and Salmon Lasagne set will each come with two pieces of Strawberry Macaroon and a glass of Strawberry Fruit Tea.

When: 12 January 2020 to 10 February 2020


7. Toast Box 

9 Must Try Chinese New Year Menu Items—Before They Run Out

(L-R: Peanut Butter Kueh Kapet & Cereal Cookies, Golden Yam Cake Bites, Tang Yuan in Red Bean Soup) |Photo: Toast Box

Four limited edition items are in the forefront of the festivities at Toast Box this Lunar New Year: Golden Yam Cake Bites ($3), Tang Yuan in Red Bean Soup ($2.80), Cereal Cookies—showcases a rich butter shortbread studded with crispy cereal flakes—and Peanut Butter Kueh Kapet.

Specially for the Chinese New Year, you can purchase a bundle of two jars of either Cereal Cookies or Peanut Butter Kueh Kapet at $30 (U.P. $18.80 per jar). 

When: 2 January 2020 to 8 February 2020


9 Must Try Chinese New Year Menu Items—Before They Run Out

Photo: Proofer Bakery

What better way to ring in good luck than with some fancy prosperity pizzas? Proofer Boulangerie is bringing in two specialities, the Let’s Bakkwa (Zhao Cai Jin Bao) and Bring Yu Prosperity (Cai Yuan Gun Gun).

Let’s Bakkwa (Zhao Cai Jin Bao) is topped with chicken ham, shredded chicken, chicken bakkwa, capsicum, pineapple, and topped with creamy, milky cheese, roasted sesame sauce and silky soft chicken floss.

The Bring Yu Prosperity (Cai Yuan Gun Gun) features flecks of tuna, kanifumi (crabstick meat), onions, capsicum, and infused with the same creamy cheese and fresh tomato sauce. 

Price: $14.90 each for both pizzas (11-inch).

When: Until 31 January 2020


9 Must Try Chinese New Year Menu Items—Before They Run Out

Best cny goodies 2020 with cute buns! | Photo: BreadTalk

*Squeals*! These super cute festive buns are new-in at BreadTalk. The three main highlights are the Prosperity Pineapple! ($2.20) that’s filled with pineapple custard, Golden Mouse ($2.20) that’s infused with chocolate cream cheese and Fortune Pillow ($2.20), packed with fragrant pork floss and smoky bak kwa chunks for an extra oomph! Available in-stores only.

When: Until 8 February 2020


With these best cny goodies 2020 list, we wish you and a loved ones a very prosperous Lunar New Year!
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