Look no further, here are 5 of the best bakeries in Singapore

Look no further, here are 5 of the best bakeries in Singapore

From creative fondant cakes to delicious buttercream frosting, here are the best bakeries in Singapore

Searching for the best cake is hard enough but having a good bakery in mind is always a big step. From creative fondant cakes to delicious buttercream frosting, each bakery has something that they proudly boast. So don't worry mummies, here are 5 of the best bakeries in Singapore to choose from.


#1 Jo Takes The Cake


Jo Takes The Cake is an online bakery business that actually started all the way in North England. Jo is a mummy of three and bakes her cakes with her own two hands. Her cakes are also very well known as most times, she's fully booked. She also requires three weeks' notice but like we said, she's always fully booked so be sure to book early!


#2 Jumi Cakes


Jumi Cakes is owned by a mummy of two whose passions are to take care of her two bubs and baking. She first started working as a cake decorator in the US for four years and when back in Singapore, she started her business! Her cakes are mostly designed with buttercream, painting, piping, and airbrushing. Also, she only takes 1-3 orders a week so be fast!


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#3 Little House of Dreams


Little House of Dreams is not only the first dessert company to offer dessert tables in Singapore, they also boast their very own bistro and bakery that is located at the heart od Dempsey Hill. They started as an online store in 2008 and has grown rapidly over the years. Their outlet at Dempsey Hill is also a beautiful place with a garden setting, suitable for parties!


#4 Plain Vanilla Bakery plain-vanilla-bakery

Plain Vanilla Bakery serves one of the best cupcakes on the island and is known for their very pretty and definitely Insta-worthy cupcake designs. What many don't know is that they actually take cake orders, and for every occasion! For custom cakes, choose from 5 different flavours or if you're feeling adventurous, opt for a mix of two. Also, you can choose to visit their outlet or order online from their online store!


#5 Seraphina's


But if you want a perfect combination of both visual and taste, Seraphina's is the perfect choice for you. Seraphina's designs cakes for every location, from weddings to first birthdays. Also, their designs are so pretty, you'll feel bad when it's time to actually cut the cake! Do note that Seraphina's is owned and managed by one person only so early orders are highly advised!


Mummies, what are your favourite bakeries? Share them with us!

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Pavin Chopra

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