Best apps for babies

Best apps for babies

Even babies are a viable market for mobile applications these days. Find out the best apps that could benefit your baby before he even learns to crawl.

Best baby apps on mobile devices

Great learning and educational apps for your baby on the go

Smart technology has changed the way we learn and entertain ourselves in this world. This is reflected in the many applications out there that cater to every different need and demographic.

Instead of rejecting this technology, new parents should look into some of the brilliant applications catered just for their little ones and themselves. It might free them up to get 15 minutes of quiet time, with the added benefit that their baby might learn recognition and even motor skills.

Flash cards go tech

Best apps for babies
Sparkabilities Babies: This application is designed for babies three months and above. The app contains videos as well as eight sets of interactive flash cards which parents can use with their babies or even allow the older ones to play independently as fine motor skills develop. The app takes users through basic shapes, colours and vocabulary (single syllable words such as dog, cat, red blue etc)

Based on the PlayWisely developmental system, Sparkabilities is intended to entertain your baby and develop essential learning skills by nurturing the neural pathways that support learning.

Imitation that educates and entertains

Best apps for babies
Talking Tom Cat: This application basically works on the principle of imitation. Babies as young as three months can play with this app as the Talking Tom Cat gets its cues from the sounds it hears from you. So when your baby cries, it will cry. When your toddler says hello, it will say hello. The facial expressions of the cat also display expressions of happiness and sadness and all this on the basis of the tone and pitch of your child.

Sounds of the world

Best apps for babies

These are apps that are easy to navigate and replace those bulky toys that make a sound at a touch of a button. Apps such as  and PeekABoo Wild displays real pictures of animals, buses, trains etc which emit a sound everytime your baby touches the icon. This helps in visual and spatial recognition as well as make your baby recognise the sounds around him/her.

Read to me

Best apps for babies
The all time favourite activity of both parent and child, reading gets a reboot with applications such as Pat the Bunny  and Hallmark Books. These apps also have the audiobook function and could free you up to run some errands or take that much needed break.

Sleepy time apps

Best apps for babies

Putting a baby to sleep can be an arduous activity especially if they’re cranky. Lucky there are a multitude of apps out there that can take your child from bawling to calm and peaceful rest. One such app is Baby Soother, a 3-in-1 app that includes soundtracks and tranquil images of animated sunsets, aquariums and winter wonderlands. It will soothe any fussy child and might even lull Mommies and Daddies to bed as well!


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