This is the Absolute Best Age to Have a Child, According to Science

This is the Absolute Best Age to Have a Child, According to Science

You might be surprised at the optimum age to have your first baby, as recommended by experts!

When planning to have kids, things can get a bit confusing as far as when to have them. Experts have recently revisited the question and have come up with the best age to have a child, according to research.

Some say that having kids in your twenties is better. When you are thins young, your body is biologically better equipped to handle the demands of parenthood. At the same time, having kids at this age might mean that your career or education takes backstage, at least for a while. You also might be less prepared from a maturity point-of-view to tackle the challenges of parenthood.

Others advise that having a child when you are older, even in your forties is good. You have the maturity and most probably the financial and emotional stability needed to raise kids. But then, health issues related to having kids at this age arise as the downside, among other matters.

So what is the best age to have a child? 

According to the results of a study headed by Dr. John Mirowsky, a sociologist at the University of Texas, the perfect age for women to have children is age 34.

At this age, Dr Mirowsky claims that a woman's body is "at optimal health to prepare for and carry a healthy child full-term."

He conducted interviews with over 1,800 mothers, asking them questions about their current health. Then, after taking into account mortality data and making adjustments for educational attainment, he concluded that in terms of long-term health and material mortality, age 34 is the optimal age for a first child.

Other experts agree, adding that women of this age usually are in a solid relationship, have an ideal amount of energy and are mature enough to engage in the responsible act of raising a tiny person. Also, they usually are financially stable (or well on the way to being so) by their mid-thirties.

So there you have it — the best age to get pregnant based on science! We'd love to hear what you think about this, so please do leave a comment below and tell us.

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