Cheese and your children: Why it’s great!

Cheese and your children: Why it’s great!

You eat it almost everyday and it’s such an important part of meals and snacks, but do you know the many health benefits of cheese?

Benefits of cheese

Great health benefits of cheese for your little ones

What could go better with your favourite snacks than convenient cheese slices you can munch on the go? Fun, yummy and packed with all the nutrients your family needs, cheese slices are an integral must-have in mummy’s shopping list for quick and easy snacks all day long.

Cheese-tastic delights

Essential for building strong bones and teeth, cheese primarily contains milk, which is a great source of calcium. Regular consumption of calcium in cheese slices prevents tooth cavities and bone problems such as osteoporosis, making it the perfect pick for your growing child. Calcium is extremely important for children especially in these developmental years, where they are building their bone mass and growing stronger.

Benefits of cheese SCS cheese slices

The many benefits of cheese include stronger bones and teeth for growing kids

The benefits of cheese are aplenty as it also contains loads of dietary protein that helps to build children’s muscles, bones, and other vital organs. Picky eaters who miss out on this important nutrient in meat or tofu can get their protein from yummy cheese that they’re sure to love.

Fun, healthy and delicious snacks!

Whether you have it in a grilled sandwich, just on its own, cheese slices are healthy and perfect hassle-free snacks! A research by the American Academy of Pediatrics has shown that children who snack on protein-rich cheese together with fiber-rich vegetables feel full more quickly, thus consume 72% less calories than those who snack on potato chips. This prevents childhood obesity while ensuring your child gets all the nutrients he or she needs.

Benefits of cheese SCS cheese slices

Check out the many benefits of the rich and tasty SCS cheese slices that kids love

SCS — Singapore’s favourite

Daddy, mummy, grandma and grandpa all know — SCS is the trusted family brand that is reputable for its high quality and finest dairy products. A renowned brand with over a hundred years of rich history, the SCS brand will be a comfortingly familiar sight in the home, perfect for and loved by both kids and adults.

SCS cheese

SCS — The trusted Singapore brand for generations

Why SCS?

Placing consumer satisfaction as their top priority, SCS uses the best ingredients to guarantee a rich and cheesy taste in all their cheese slices. With its select and top grade ingredients, you’re sure to notice the rich burst of flavour in SCS cheese as compared to other cheeses.

What better way to enjoy these scrumptious goodies than to make fun snacks with them? What makes SCS cheese different from other supermarket cheese slices is that its rich flavour lets you experiment with new and delicious recipes without ever scrimping on the cheesiness you love.

Where can I get it?

Grab a pack of SCS cheese today and fall in love with this cheesier cheese! SCS cheese is available in any supermarket islandwide and in June this year, SCS is giving away a free sandwich cutter with every three packs of Original cheese slices purchased in the bundle pack, while stocks last.

SCS cheesier cheese -- Benefits of cheese

Pack on the nutritious benefits of cheese with the tasty and delicious SCS cheese slices

Say cheese Singapore!

That’s not all! SCS will also be holding a Junior Sandwich Instagram competition for you and your family from now till 30th June! Use this precious time to bond with your child and snap some funky family photos together!

For some inspiration or ideas for your unique cheese sandwich, check out some of theAsianparent’s special cheese sandwich recipes and more fun ideas for cheese slices.

SCS cheese Say Cheese Singapore Instagram competition

Stand to win attractive prizes in SCS’s Say Cheese Singapore Instagram competition!

How do I take part?

Step 1: Download the Instagram app to your mobile and register an account.

Step 2: Take a photo of your unique sandwiches with a packet of SCS cheese slices.

Step 3: Type #SayCheeseSingapore and click share.

There are fabulous birthday party packages worth up to S$1000 for over 50 lucky winners so what are you waiting for? Say cheese with SCS cheese today! Visit Say Cheese Singapore for more details.

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