Want to know the secret to a good night’s sleep for mum and baby?

Want to know the secret to a good night’s sleep for mum and baby?

Find out how a good bedtime routine helps to pave the way to a peaceful night for you and your little ones.

bedtime routine for babies

Bedtime calls for a good night’s rest at the end of a day, and babies need ample rest while their little bodies work overnight on their growth developments.

But bedtime does not come easy for many, including the little ones. Those who used to say they wish they can “sleep like a baby”, probably understand that it can’t be further than the truth. When your little one has trouble sleeping or experience interrupted sleep, it makes them cranky and fussy, resulting in frustrated bubs and fatigue parents.

The sleep topic is commonly discussed among fellow parents. Babies cry to communicate and parents often have to run through the elimination method to guess what could be preventing their child from a good night’s sleep. Common causes include: baby is hungry, the room temperature is too hot or too cold, baby is unwell, baby’s clothes are uncomfortable, baby’s diaper is soaked or maybe baby had a nightmare (yes, they do dream too!).

Getting a good night’s sleep was the key topic covered at the Good Night, Sleep Tight Seminar held at Raffles Convention Centre last week. Organised by Drypers, a leading and trusted diaper brand in Singapore, there were two sessions for the event. The first session was catered for parents with babies below 12months old, and the second session for parents with toddlers 12months old and above. During the event, I was introduced to the importance of good bedtime routines and picked up some useful tips on how to get my little one to sleep through the night!

Keep reading the next page to learn how to establish a good bedtime routine for your little ones.

Can a bedtime routine really help your little one get a good night’s sleep?

With a consistent bedtime routine, yes it can! Babies like predictably and are creatures of habit. Getting a routine up and following it allows your baby to anticipate that it is bedtime.

This will also help them to differentiate between day naps and bedtime at night, where at night, they get to enjoy longer stretches of rest. Sleep expert, Zoe Chu, Founder of SG Supernanny, also highlighted the importance of using a quality diaper during bedtime, as diaper changes interrupt babies’ sleep and that affects the quality of sleep for the little ones and parents alike.

bedtime routine for babies

SG Supernanny Zoe Chu is here to help parents achieve a good night’s sleep for themselves and their little ones.

To understand how the sleep routine helps, parents must first understand the importance of sleep for babies, from newborn and into their toddler years. Zoe took time to address the myths and misconceptions surrounding sleep, good sleeping habits for kids and causes of why babies do not sleep through the night.

More often than not, parents believe that allowing their child to skip their day naps or over-stimulating them to tire them out would help them sleep better at night. In reality, this actually overtires them and interrupts their bedtime routine, which should be consistent every night. Parents should look out for cues of a tired child such as rubbing of eyes and yawning, as these signs mean the little ones need their rest. When these cues are not picked up, parents often find themselves fighting a battle with their cranky and fussy baby during bedtime.

Do’s and don’t’s of bedtime

During the event, Zoe also shared some do’s and don’t’s of preparing the little ones for bed. In short, she emphasised that positive habits should be cultivated in order to get a good night’s sleep, while quality diapers is key to help baby stay fresh and comfortable throughout the night. For parents who are looking to nurture good sleep habits in their kids, these tips will definitely come in handy.

bedtime routine for babies

Image taken from Sleep Tight Booklet developed by Drypers together with the advice from Zoe Chu, Founder of SG Supernanny (www.sgsupernanny.com)


Shillina Phua, Founder of Mom n Baby, shared insights on how to differentiate baby’s crying cues, so parents know how to “read” what their babies need. She also demonstrated gentle massage techniques which can be incorporated in the sleep routine to promote parent-and-child bonding and better sleep for the little one.

bedtime routine for babies

Shillina, Founder of Mom n Baby imparting precious knowledge to parents.

Next, we learnt how TCM and essential oils can help promote better sleep. More details on the next page…

TCM and essential oils for a good night’s sleep

For parents with toddlers 12 months and above, we learnt how Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and essential oils can help promote better quality sleep for the family.

Qi Xiao Yan, Eu Yan Seng’s Senior Physician, shared ideas on different types of herbal dishes and soups that can help improve sleep quality. For those who wake frequently at night, there are also convenient options such as bottled Essence of Chicken which aids in concentration and focus the next day. She also shed light on lifestyle changes through TCM which contributes to having better sleep habits.

bedtime routine for babies

Stemming from an alternative wellness approach, many of us were intrigued by the wonders of essential oils and how they could help make the bedroom more favourable for sleep. Cierra Yet, Trainer from Young Living, explains that stuffed noses cause discomfort and disturb a baby’s sleep. There are special blends of essential oils out in the market that helps to soothe baby’s stuffed nose, helping them to sleep better. Parents also learnt that essential oils like Lavender can help to set a relaxing mood for bedtime, and switching off the lights can help promote a more sleep-conducive environment.

Drypers also announce the launch of their new product during the event. More details on this on the next page.

Drynights – for a good night’s sleep

At the event, Drypers announced the launch of Drynights – their new range of night diapers specifically developed to give little ones a good night’s sleep.

bedtime routine for babies

The Global Brand Innovation Manager from Drypers explained about the unique feature of Drypers Drynights – its longest absorption core. This core has been designed to effectively absorb and distribute urine for up to 12 hours of long-lasting dryness, giving longer hours of peaceful sleep for your little ones!

Drynights is equipped with leak guards that gently hug your little ones’s legs and bums, helping to prevent leaks throughout the night while they toss and turn. To help keep your baby’s skin healthy and comfortable, these new diapers contain baby-friendly natural plant extracts like aloe vera, chamomile & olive extracts. These skin-loving ingredients help keep itch, redness and rashes at bay, so your bub can sleep more comfortably!

With a good sleep routine and diaper that can last through the night, this means that when you say “Good Night” it really does mean you and your little one can have a good night’s sleep.

Review from a parent who uses Drynights

“My boy just turned 4 this year. As he drinks a lot of water during the day, he also pees more frequently. So the previous diapers we were using couldn’t absorb the urine during his sleep time. The  diapers also also frequently leaked during the night, which makes cleaning up a messy affair the next morning. Naturally, both of us were having a hard time to get a good night’s sleep. After trying Drynights, we didn’t have any problems with leaky diapers. One diaper was enough to absorb the pee and keep him dry during the night. I guess he feels more comfortable with Drynights, as he will request to put it on before going to bed.”

Old diaper vs Drypers Drynights

bedtime routine for babies

Comparison of the old diaper and Drypers Drynights

“Comparing the old diaper and the Drypers Drynights, the soaked diapers (on the right in each frame) look distinctly different. With the extended core present in Drypers Drynights, the overnight urine is better absorbed and distributed more evenly. This helps to reduce discomfort and irritation for my boy and helps him sleep better at night.”


So, if you’re looking for a premium type of night diaper that is also affordable you should definitely consider Drypers Drynights!

Drynights is now available at major super and hypermarkets including Cold Storage, FairPrice, Giant, Guardian and Sheng Siong. You can also request for a trial sample on Drypers Singapore Facebook Page.



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