Bath Time is Bonding Time: How to Make the Best of It

Bath Time is Bonding Time: How to Make the Best of It

Bath time presents a great opportunity to bond with your little one. Here is how you can deepen your bond with your baby while giving her a bath.

Bath time is usually a fun time for you and your little one. You can gently splash your baby, giggling at her cute squeals of joy, sing silly songs and encourage her to play with her toys. In this way, bath time goes beyond just cleaning your baby – it presents a great opportunity for bonding.

What’s more, bath time bonding can continue even after you take your child out of the bathtub. Your special time together extends to when you gently wipe her dry and pat moisturiser onto her soft skin to keep it supple.

However, things don’t always go this smoothly. For some babies (and mums), bath time may be a time of stress, especially if your baby doesn’t like being in the water that much.

If your little angel is like this, there are plenty of things you can do to improve things at bath time, and make it a more enjoyable experience, while making it a great bonding opportunity.

Ways to Have Bath Time Fun

Not all babies instantly fall in love with bath time. This is especially true for the first few baths of their lives. Try the following tips to make the bath time experience fun and to create a deeper bond with your baby:

bath time bonding with babies

  1. Talk to your baby. Let your baby see bath time as a positive experience, not a negative one. Your baby needs to be reassured that it is safe for her. You can soothe her during bath time by chatting, cooing and interacting with her. Talk to her and make a lot of eye contact while smiling and laughing.
  2. Play together. Make bath time playtime. Gently splash water at your baby. Play together with bath toys. You can even make a silly shampoo bubble hat!
  3. Massage your baby. Gently massaging your baby with her body wash as you cleanse her skin, will calm her down. Just feeling your tender touch will relax her, and help her overcome her fears.
  4. Sing lullabies together. Make bath time a time for musical entertainment. For sure, your voice will calm her down if she's feeling anxious. In time, she will come to associate your voice and lullabies with safety and calmness, so a familiar song will make her relaxed. Bath time will become a time of peace and safety.
  5. Use bath products that are trustworthy and known for their gentle formulations. When it comes to baby bath products, the best option is to stick with products that are trustworthy. A good example is Cetaphil Baby Skincare which is specially formulated for your baby’s delicate skin to promote soft, smooth skin and healthy hair.  Dermatologically tested and paediatrician recommended*, Cetaphil Baby has your baby covered from head to toe! This brand has a known medical heritage and its trustworthiness ranks high among mothers!

So, make the most of bath time as a time of fun, play, love and bonding!


Bath Time is Bonding Time: How to Make the Best of It

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* Total of 200 dermatologists & paediatricians in Germany surveyed online from Feb to Mar 2015



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