Barbie ad features a boy for the first time in Barbie’s history

Barbie ad features a boy for the first time in Barbie’s history

Breaking all gender stereotypes, Barbie's latest ad stars a boy for the first time in history. Watch the ad here!

The makers of the world's most beloved doll, Barbie, recently released a video of their latest barbie ad and it featured a boy! How cool.

It's the first time in the 56-year-old history that the face of the brand is a little boy. The charismatic little dude with a mohawk is playing with a doll in the barbie ad (and we're really loving it)!

Watch the commercial here:

A mum we spoke to, Erica, said she was very happy that the "stigma" attached with boys playing with dolls was finally being done away with. Her younger son loves playing with his elder sister's dolls. And there's nothing wrong with that!

Pam, a mum to twin 5-year-old girls, "We should let our kids just play with whatever strikes their fancy." Pam strongly believes in gender neutrality.

Everybody has been praising the makers for finally breaking the gender stereotype in doll advertising. And why not, it's 2015 after all.

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