Baby’s head torn off during delivery

Baby’s head torn off during delivery

In Brazil, a team of doctors tried to deliver a baby but ended up tearing off its head, leaving the headless body inside the mother. The team had spent hours trying to deliver the child but ended up failing horribly.

Baby's head town off during delivery

The shocking story of a baby’s head being torn off during delivery


The delivery


A 22 – year –old mother of three other children, went into labour with her potential fourth child. The delivery took place at the Santa Isabel maternity hospital in Aracaju in northeastern Brazil, and quickly turned into a horrendous medical disaster.

The delivery was not an easy one. The woman’s cousin said “she went through a lot of suffering, it was hours and hours and a lot of pain and discomfort, with doctors pushing on her stomach, trying everything to make the baby come out”.

When it all went wrong

Everything was going normally until the mother heard something crack, she then knew something was wrong and her fears were confirmed when one of the doctors exclaimed “Marcos, are you crazy?” The panicking mother asked what was happening but received no answer.

Without warning, she was rushed for an emergency surgery in which the headless body of her baby was removed.

The verdict

There was no comment from the team of doctors as to what exactly went wrong, nonetheless, the affected family is reportedly suing the hospital for medical negligence. But how exactly can the family respond to such a tragic case, where because of possible carelessness from doctors, a young life was lost.

What prevents doctors from negligence in their work? When it all boils down, a doctor may simply treat his job as a job, regardless of the fact that he is handling lives every day. What do our readers think?


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