Baby with fever receives amputation without parental consent!

Baby with fever receives amputation without parental consent!

A baby admitted into an East Jakarta hospital for high fever, ended up with anti-seizure treatment and an amputated finger without parental consent. Click for full story and advice on caution.

Baby receives amputation

Indonesian baby with high fever ends up with amputation!

A baby admitted into East Jakarta hospital, Harapan Bunda for high fever on February 20, shockingly ended up with part of an index finger amputated without parental consent or anesthesia administered before the procedure.

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Amputation without warning

The unprecedented incident has incited fury and dissatisfaction on the part of the parents with investigations currently ongoing. According to reports, Edwin Timothy Sihombing’s doctors had allegedly administered anti-seizure medication via an intravenous drip into the child’s index finger, causing swelling three days later.

The two-and-half-month-old’s mother, Romauli Manurung claims that the attending physician mentioned needing to trim the infant’s cuticle; instead she witnessed the same doctor using a pair of surgical scissors to cut off Edwin’s infected limb.

Amputation conducted in ward

She was quoted as saying: “My son screamed and I saw the doctor cut the finger with scissors. He was bleeding and they did the amputation without giving the anesthetics first.”

While the father, Gonti Laurel Sihombing admits that there had been prior warning of a surgery to come, he wasn’t aware that any amputation had been required.

According to him, the procedure was carried out right in the ward without the patient being wheeled into an actual operation theatre. Apparently, there wasn’t just crying but screaming from the baby, who was traumatised by the act.

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Family horror

“Since his index finger was chopped off, his body shakes suddenly like he is withstanding pain or surprise,” he shares.

Gonti has since reported the occurrence to the National Commission on Child Protection (Komnas PA), and in response the hospital administration insists that the procedure was justified.

Indonesian news portal, reports that when the hospital was questioned by the chairperson of Komnas PA, Arist Merdeka Sirait, as to why a baby who presented without seizures was given anti-seizure medication and amputation carried without consent, the doctor in question wasn’t able to answer.

At this point, the organisation has ruled in favour of the parents, calling the incident a violation of ethics. The hospital will be holding a press conference to explain the doctor’s actions.

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Beware of inexperienced doctors!

Singapore parents, it is good advice to always be extra vigilant when taking your child to a clinic or hospital for treatment. While medical practitioners are in great demand all across Singapore, the presence of inexperienced doctors does exist. Amputation or surgery is not a game.

For this reason, the onus is on a child’s guardian or parent to see to proper care and treatment administered to avoid needless and sometimes irreversible accidents from occurring.

Mums and dads, beware—your child is a precious gift and no else understands your baby’s worth more than you—not even doctors!  Make sure that you sign off on all medical procedures before they are carried out. If unsure, seek a second opinion from an expert.

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