Baby to Baby DVD review

Baby to Baby DVD review

There’s nothing quite like the pure joy in a baby’s smile to lift up the spirits of a downtrodden adult having a rough day. In fact, there are few who can resist the charm and innocence of a baby’s laugher and curiosity.

Baby to Baby DVD

Interactive fun on the new Baby to Baby DVD

Using the same theory, Australian “media mum” Jacquie van Santen decided to create a DVD of babies and toddlers doing what they do best for the amusement of other babies.

Suitable for children aged between six months and four years, Baby to Baby features more than 40 gorgeous, giggling tots blowing balloons, playing dress up, building blocks and enjoying all manner of fun and game.  Besides being filled with babies partaking in aww-inducing activities, this 37 minute long DVD also features original songs that older toddlers can learn with ease to sing along to.

Baby to Baby also provides an excellent opportunity for babies and toddlers to try new activities, like finger painting, while watching their newfound friends enjoy them at the same time. But perhaps the most useful segment in this DVD would have to be “Sleeping Time”. This montage of chubby cheeked babies napping to a soft lullaby playing in the background is calming enough to coax yawns out of even the most rambunctious toddler.

Baby to Baby DVD

Baby to Baby DVD

“My baby liked the DVD. She wasn’t totally viewing the whole video all time, but when she watched it she was smiling. She liked the music too and would dance to it especially cha-cha dancing. The bubbles song made her reach out in excitement. I would not pay a lot of money for a DVD like this as the show is only 30 odd minutes. Right now there is a channel on paid tv that entertains my baby with this similar concept and it’s available any time of the day.”

Parents can purchase the Baby to Baby DVD from for $19.99. 5% of the profits from this DVD will be donated to two charities that support children- the Cambodian Children’s Fund and Kiva.


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