Baby Teething Questions: Mums discuss their issues

Baby Teething Questions: Mums discuss their issues

When do babies normally start teething and which teeth appear first? Find out more here.

Mum Needs Help: My daughter is 18 months old and this is about her teething. She has cut 4 bottom and 2 top front teeth. But now is cutting her molars! So on the top, she has no teeth coming out other than the 2 front ones at the moment, and the molars are both visible now. Is this normal?


Azalia Huzaifah:
i think it is! my dau's cmng 16mths and has 3 top+ 1 molar and 4 bottom and 2 molars. was quite shocked initially. And i think her 4th top is growing (11th now).

Julia Lim:
My sister who is a dentist once told me that it doesnt matter which tooth emerge(appear)1st or last..doesnt necessary have to be in order just as long as eventually all the tooth are out to a full set of teeth.Dont worry Mom!

Julia Lim:
Lol!! Stay calm...we, mothers are here to support one another and to give advice if possible. Bet your daughter will have a winning smile in no time!

Tricia Chiow:
My gal is coming 16mths but she only hv 2 top & 2 bottoms! Is it normL??

Nazzia Momina:
Yep. Mine also had 4 at that age. No worries there.

Nalini Sivaperumal:
Hi I have a 16months old girl in my school. N her 4 front teeth are just starting to grow, altogether at that. SO its normal...

Agnes Soon:
This is NORMAL !
U can go pharmacy buy Dentinox to help the discomfort
Its safe to use ... U can check it out
Happy Parenting !!!

Doc Dana E Srither:
Normal of course. The discomfort is just one of those events of parenting. Be worried only if your child is not drinking for more than a few days.

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Felicia Chin

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