Mums, here's how you can protect your baby from skincare issues!

Mums, here's how you can protect your baby from skincare issues!

Mums, are you using the right skincare products for your baby? Read on to find out the results of The Baby Skincare survey and a solution to your baby's skincare woes...

baby skincare issues

Bedtime and bath time create the perfect opportunities for mummy and baby to bond.

Two of the best times for you to bond with your baby are when you are giving him a bath and when you are about to put him to sleep. However, if your baby suffers from skin irritation because of the use of inappropriate skincare products, diapers or other reasons, then bonding time may turn into a stressful situation.

In order to address this problem and keep bed and bath times fun for both mum and baby, a nationwide survey was recently conducted by theAsianparent Insights team with over 100 mums discussing their concerns about some of the most common baby skincare issues.

Click here for the full results of the Baby Skincare Survey!

baby skincare issues

Babies between the ages of one and six months old are the most prone to skin irritation due to their thin and delicate skin.

Your baby and his skincare issues

According to the survey, 45% of babies experience skin irritation when they are between one and three months of age and 31% suffer from skin issues between four and six months of age. This highlights the necessity for mums to pay careful attention to their baby’s skincare regimen, especially during their first six months.

The survey has also found out that 29% of babies suffer from skin reddishness, inflammation and sores, 25% from dry skin, 17% from rough skin and 16% from skin allergies.

Furthermore, the top skin conditions that are associated with skin irritation are diaper rash, dark patchy skin, sensitive skin and baby acne.

According to the survey, the top five triggers for a baby’s skincare issues are:

  1. Diapers
  2. Ineffective skincare
  3. Outdoor environment
  4. Clothes
  5. Indoor air conditioning

While some of these triggers — such as outdoor environment — are beyond a mum’s control, other causes such as ineffective skincare, diapers and clothes are triggers that mums can easily address to prevent skin discomfort.

What do mums wish for when it comes to their little one’s skincare? Find out on the next page. 

baby skincare issues

Mums blame themselves when something is not right with their baby.

Mums’ baby skincare wish list

Mums tend to blame themselves when things aren’t right with their babies, including their skin issues, and this is reflected in the survey results.

As a result of their baby suffering from skin irritation issues, 20% of mums feel that they aren’t doing a good job when it comes to taking care of their baby, while 14% of mums feel helpless that they can’t help relieve their baby of their discomfort and 24% feel that the least they can do is constantly change their baby’s diapers and clothes.

This is why, apart from the survey, we also asked mums what they want when it comes to their baby’s skincare wish list:

  • In the number one position, it’s no surprise that 94% of mums wish for the best skin condition possible for their baby.
  • Mums want a skincare product for their baby that provides a long term solution to their baby’s skin irritation.
  • 98% of mums said that they wished there was a skincare product with multiple benefits and that could address a variety of their baby’s skincare issues. 88% of said mums went on to say that, most importantly, they want the product to provide skin irritation immunity for their baby.

In conclusion, the one thing that tops a mum’s skincare wish list is a product that is natural and safe for their baby to use while fighting skin irritation and preventing it from coming back.

Is there such a product and what is it? Find out on the next page. 

baby skincare issues

PIGEON’s Sakura Baby Skincare range keeps those cute smiles going!

How to protect your baby from skincare issues

If your baby is suffering from any of the skincare issues mentioned earlier in this article, or if you simply want to protect them from ever developing such problems, you’ll be happy to learn that PIGEON has come up with a line of skincare products perfect for your baby!

PIGEON’S Sakura Baby Skincare range offer a variety of products meant to preserve and to protect your baby’s naturally healthy skin.

PIGEON Baby shampoo

This shampoo gently washes away dirt from your baby’s hair and keeps it extra soft, thanks to the Sakura extract. In fact, it’s so gentle that it won’t cause your baby to tear, should the shampoo get into their eyes.

baby skincare issues

Make bath time happy time with PIGEON Baby Wash and Baby Shampoo!

PIGEON Baby Wash 2 in 1

This great product gently cleanses your baby’s hair and delicate skin. For babies who still require a tub for bathing, it’s best to dilute the baby wash with water. However, if your little one is already standing, then no dilution is needed.


Once you’ve rinsed your baby gently and carefully, why not give him a massage with PIGEON Baby Oil? Filled with the goodness of Sakura, the baby oil has high levels of moisturising properties that will soften and protect his skin.

baby skincare issues

Keeping your baby’s skin happy will keep your little one happy, too!

PIGEON Baby Lotion and Baby Powder

You can give your baby more skin protection by using PIGEON’s baby lotion and powder. While the baby lotion protects your baby from outdoor elements, the baby powder protects them in places where the sun doesn’t shine — specifically his delicate diaper area.

The baby powder is best for fighting nappy rash, so it’s best to sprinkle a little on before putting on your baby’s diaper and clothes.

Mums, why not give PIGEON’s Sakura range a try and see for yourselves how the products can help reduce or prevent skin irritation in your little one? Then, you can really focus on sharing those loving moments with your little angel, especially during bath and bed times.

Sakura Baby Skin Care Range Click here to purchase the Sakura range now!

About Pigeon Corporation

PIGEON was founded in Japan in 1957 by Yuichi Nakata with the aim of meeting the needs of mothers worldwide by producing a range of high quality, durable and user-friendly merchandise for babies and toddlers.

Since it began, the company has steadily grown and has a strong brand presence in more than 40 countries, with subsidiaries in Singapore, China and the United States. Today, PIGEON is a market leader in baby and mother care products. PIGEON’s main R&D factories are located in Japan and Singapore.

PIGEON places strong emphasis on research and development, and conducts extensive studies in product development such as the survey below.

Have you tried any of the products from PIGEON’s Sakura range? If you have, tell us what you thought about them by leaving a comment below.

Click here to see the full Baby Skincare Survey results

Click here to see the full Baby Skincare Survey results!


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