Get your baby’s skincare off to a great start with Pigeon’s Newborn Pure

Get your baby’s skincare off to a great start with Pigeon’s Newborn Pure

Good news mums! With the launch of Pigeon's Newborn Pure series, your little one's skin gets a "double layer" of protection -- just what every baby's skin needs.

When it comes to our babies, nothing but the best and safest will do.

That is precisely why we research obsessively, try and make homemade disinfectants, vacuum every surface and scan the ingredients listed on every product that our babies eat or come in contact with.

So the news that Pigeon, the leading mother and baby brand, recently launched Newborn Pure -- its first ever premium skincare series -- is good news indeed!


Backed by research

Mums, you will be glad to know that the Newborn Pure range is a result of in-depth studies undertaken by Pigeon to understand mothers’ perception, knowledge and expectations from from baby skincare products.

Interestingly, this premium skincare series from one of the world’s most trusted brands for mother and baby products, has a personal story behind it too – that of Mr Nakata, MD Pigeon Singapore.

Mr Nakata’s daughter has sensitive skin, and when they came to Singapore from Japan, he noticed that her skin was drier than usual and her hair was more tangled as well. She began to resist bath time as it would be very uncomfortable for her and Mr Nakata struggled to find a moisturizing product that could protect his daughter's skin yet cleanse gently.

At the time when he was trying to find a solution for his daughter’s troubles, in Japan Newborn Pure had just been formulated. He was quick to request samples from Pigeon’s production plant there and tried out the global formula on his daughter.

He was very pleased with the results. The shampoo reduced the tangles and knots in her hair and lotion significantly reduced the dryness.

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What makes Newborn Pure special?

What makes Newborn Pure series special, is its patented “double layer” of protection or Natulayer™. This formula is inspired by the naturally formed layer of protection found on baby’s skin inside the mother’s womb.

Pigeon’s unique Natulayer™ formula stimulates the Vernix, a waxy protective moisturising layer found on newborn babies, and moisture-capturing lipids, Ceramide, to help maintain supple, hydrated and nourished skin.

In addition to this, the Newborn Pure range is also alcohol and paraben free. Pigeon’s Newborn pure range provides protection and comfort for a newborn’s delicate skin right from birth by helping maintain the skin’s fatty protective layer through balanced pH levels.

Mums, take advantage of Pigeon’s advanced skin technology to give your babies great skin right from day one. Pigeon’s Newborn Pure range includes Purifying Body Wash, Nourishing Shampoo, Moisturizing Lotion, Calming Oil and Protective Cream.

The series is exclusively available at Motherswork, selected Guardian Pharmacies and selected departmental stores.

For more information on the PIGEON Newborn Pure Skincare Series, visit

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