Just Married? Here Are Some Baby-making Facts Every Singaporean Couple Should Know!

Just Married? Here Are Some Baby-making Facts Every Singaporean Couple Should Know!

Finances, health checks and government benefits? Here's a quick guide to starting a family in Singapore

Baby-making isn't something as easy to do as snapping your fingers. It's not just about having sex all the time. There are some unfortunate cases where couples have to try for years without seeing a positive pregnancy result.

Before you start crying for help, here are some baby making facts that you may find useful!


#1 Fertility health checks are necessary

It's always better to know about your fertility health now. The earlier you discover your chances of natural conception, the more time you have to accommodate lifestyle changes.


#2 Baby bonus

Okay okay, enough. The Singapore government IS generous. I mean, who else hands out cash grants of up to $8000 for your first born? Oh, and if you have more children, the cash grant increases. YES!


#3 Child Development Scheme

In addition to #2, babies born on or after 24 March 2016 will receive the Child Development Account (CDA). These funds can be used to offset educational and healthcare related expenses. Yay to future planning!


#4 Paternity leave entitlement

From 1 January 2017, fathers of Singaporean babies can enjoy two weeks of paternity leave, as compared to only one week now. Currently, the second week of leave is only offered by employers on a voluntary basis.


#5 Medisave grant upgrade

The Medisave grant increased from $3000 to $4000 for babies born after 1 January 2015. The Medisave grant is automatically given to every Singaporean newborn and it can be used to offset the baby's health care costs.


#6 Financial planning is useful

Before good family planning, there has to be good financial planning. Let's face it, nothing is free. In order to start a family on the right note, it's important to get your finances in good form first.


#7 Staying away from alcohol

Not forever, but at least three months before you start the whole baby making process. Alcohol actually hinders sperm production and you should thank yourself for this because your liver will be taken care of as well. Cheers, (or not rather), mummies!

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Pavin Chopra

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