Get Jiggy with Baby!

Get Jiggy with Baby!

Baby loves disco has finally hit Singapore shores!

If you've been fondly reminiscing the good old days where you and your spouse could head out to town, dance the night away and have a blast of a time, then this will probably be a dream come through for you - a monthly disco event, where your kids can even get in on the act!

'Baby Loves Disco', which started in 2005, has spread coast to coast and now takes place in over 26 cities in the USA. & internationally, including the UK. Poland, Dubai, Australia, Japan, China with South Korea and Singapore being the latest two to catch the “baby loves disco” phenomenon.

Baby Love Disco will inject a breathe of freshness, breaking from the usual playground circuit, swimming pools, zoo trips etc.(not yet including the countless shopping and window shopping we have done over and over again). It will provide a very rare mix of fun for kids for parents - which we are not able to find today.

Make no mistake, this is not the Mickey Mouse club, and Barney is banned. Baby loves disco is an afternoon dance party featuring real music spun and mixed by real DJs blending classic disco tunes from the 70s, & 80s, guaranteed to get those little booties moving and grooving.

Baby Love Disco will also serves as a totally new experience in today's urban parenting in Singapore. A meeting place, which will have a totally new appeal for parents and kids to interact and socialise while dancing with our little ones. Out goes the standard kid's fun or "only for kid’s entertainment". This an event that will embrace fun as a whole family and bringing the idea of urban parenting culture into a whole new experience.

Who says parents cant party and dance with our kids together? Weekend afternoons are now Saturday nights!! To find out more about 'Baby Loves Disco', visit

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