10 Baby Items Most Parents Forget to Buy

10 Baby Items Most Parents Forget to Buy

Pregnancy is a beautiful time, although symptoms and hormonal fluctuations can make the nine months feel like eternity. If you’ve not yet created your registry, use this list (compiled with the help of veteran parents) to ensure that you don’t overlook something important in preparing for your precious baby.

1. Nasal bulb syringe or aspirator

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Babies can’t yet blow their own noses, and a stuffy nose can make your sweet baby miserable. Help out by preparing upfront by buying a good sucking device.

2. Swaddle blankets

10 Baby Items Most Parents Forget to Buy

You may not consider swaddle blankets in addition to all baby’s other bedding – after all, Singapore is hot. However, swaddling is one of the most calming things you can do for baby.

3. Baby sling

10 Baby Items Most Parents Forget to Buy

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Once the baby is born, you will have your hands full, quite literally. A baby sling is a great invention that gives your hands a break while keeping baby close by.

4. Spare bassinet covers

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Babies can be very messy, which is why you should buy at least two spare bassinet covers.

5. Baby nail care kit

10 Baby Items Most Parents Forget to Buy

Trimming baby’s nails regularly can help prevent nasty scratches in his or her face. If you’re afraid of cutting those tiny nails, consider registering for an electronic baby nail file to keep baby’s nails short without the risk of nicks and cuts.

6. A bottle kit and brush

10 Baby Items Most Parents Forget to Buy

You may be planning on breastfeeding, but it is a good idea to get a bottle kit complete with a brush as you’ll probably have to pump at some point. A good kit should contain bottles, nipples, a sterilising device and heating equipment. Look for a bottle brush with strong bristles.

7. A white noise machine

Help soothe baby to sleep by investing in a good white noise machine. Some of the latest machines have heartbeat sounds and womb sounds for extra soothing power.

8. A breathing detector

Many parents are highly concerned about SIDS. It that’s you, consider investing in a movement detector, which slips in underneath baby’s mattress to monitor baby’s breathing. If the system does not detect movement for 20 seconds, it will sound an alarm.

9. Tylenol

10 Baby Items Most Parents Forget to Buy

One of the scariest parts of having a baby is that first fever in the middle of the night. Fevers are also very common in babies, which is why it makes sense to have infant Tylenol on hand to tide you over until you can get baby to a doctor.
If you’re lucky, the fever will wear of and baby will be his bouncy baby self by the next morning.

10. A portable crib

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Even if you don’t plan on travelling with baby, it is worthwhile investing in a portable crib that folds up small. A portable crib is handy for when you want to put the baby down while visiting friends or grandparents for a few hours, and the baby will feel right at home in a familiar environment too.

It is quite normal to stress about whether you have covered all the basics, and what’s absolutely essential for one parent, is not necessarily required by another.

Think about your lifestyle and routine and about how it will change when the baby is around. That will help you figure out what you may need to put on your registry.

Also, it pays to keep any baby-shower gift cards until after the baby is born so that you are not out of pocket once you discover that you have to buy some forgotten essentials when the baby is born.

*** It’s only natural to think we have forty weeks to plan for baby’s arrival, but time passes in the blink of an eye. Even seasoned parents can forget some essential baby items. So get your checklist sorted out and you can enjoy a fuss-free delivery!

Have you made your list? Any other items you think are important to buy beforehand? Share with us in the box below!


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