Help! My baby has the hiccups

Help! My baby has the hiccups

Does your baby get hiccups everyday? Check out this article for what causes them and what you can do to help!

Baby hiccups

Is your baby hiccuping?

Mum Needs Help: My 10-week-old baby is always having the hiccups… at least once a day since birth! I am breastfeeding her , I will feed her then it will stop but I wonder is there any other way I can help her. I hope she is not abnormal. Any other opinions?


Grace Ho:
I think it is very common? I don’t really know but my baby has hiccups when she’s still inside me. So I wasn’t surprised that she will have them when she’s born. But if you’re worried, you can check with your doctor and ask him/her about your concerns and also ask if it is acid reflux or something.

Nazzia Momina:
Are you giving her water at all? I know some doctors say babies dont need it, but believe me they do, specially in climate like ours. If you want, you can give her water with a spoon. Also, some babies are born hiccupers; they are even at it in the womb :-). So dont worry it will be ok with time. All the best

Alandra Nouck:
No worries.its son faced exactly the same thing.practically 3-4 x EVERYDAY since hez born til abt 2mths then it slowly wears off. I normally bf when he gets it but just letting it be is fine too as it will eventually stop on its own though longer than when u nurse him.
Now my son is 4mths,and he still have hiccups on occasions,usually when i play tickle w him n he laughs too hard.hehe.:-) So don’t worry ya

Rohane Ahmad:
Its perfectly normal. Not to worry.

Diana Sutanto:
At first, I also worried about my baby hiccups eventhough she’s my 3rd child. But then I tried to search the answer from the internet. And its normal just like reflux eventhough the expert also had no idea either why babies should hiccups? Just relax, in my country, grandma said that if baby hiccups that’s sign of growing

Ivi Theresiana:
Yup, it’s normal. My baby also hiccup almost everyday until he was around 3 months old. Was worried about it too.

Daphne Lim:
Have nothing to worry it will go away. If he hiccups again just let him be or just breastfeed him for a while. It will go away when he’s bigger.

Mahmutha Begum:
my baby had hiccups after vomittong 5 times a day and lasted almost 20mins. I’ve tried everything from water to traditional methods. nothing worked. It gradually stopped after 2mths.. Don’t worry.. Every baby is different. Just give her water. my son is 5mnths old nw.. n since birth till now he always has hiccups… n m sure there is nothing to worry…

Ratna Surekha Seethepalli:
Hi.. my son is 4 years now. Even then, he get hiccups once in a day.. drinks water or I would make him to do some kind of physical activity – it would go for him.
Mainly the reasons would be – colic acidity/ reflux
As per my elders, when the kids are growing or when the stomach is expanding .. they would get these hiccups.. during the development of the body…..
Still – and can check with your Paed to rule out the colic/ reflux part..

Kelvin Ng Say Koon:
There are many scientific causes of hiccups. If you run a search on the internet on hiccups, you will see that one of the most common causes of hiccups is the irritation of certain nerves in the neck that extends to the chest which could have arose from any events in the baby’s life. Some e.g. can be the birth process, poor handling, etc etc which can cause misalignments in the spine, esp the neck. One of the options is to bring your baby to a chiropractor (like myself) who sees pediatric patients to have his/her neck/spine examined. You may send me a message if you wish to know more about this.

Carol Wong:
My boy had hiccups through my pregnancy and frequently for many months after he was born. Sometimes, I get hiccups after every meal too. He has outgrown it for a while. Guess it’s all normal. 🙂

Sweta Agarwal:
My boy after he was born had hiccups practically the same time as he had it when he was in the tummy , several times in a day. Its normal.

Christine Lee:
Hiccups is absolutely normal. It does not really bother baby but us:)

Steph Loke:
once a day is normal. dun worry. mine too.

Liya Lim:
It is normal for baby to hiccups every now and then. this is bcoz their stomach are actually growing bigger when baby drinks milk and when subsequently when you increase the amount of milk feed when they grow month by month their hiccup are no more to be heard..

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