3 ‘smart solutions’ for happy babies

3 ‘smart solutions’ for happy babies

Have you included these three items in your baby list? Read to the end to find out how you can win a $400 voucher!!!

Do you have a newborn? Or maybe a baby on the way?

Then, like every expectant mum, you too are sure to find yourself making list upon list of everything you feel your new little angel will need – at least for the first few months of her life.

Every new parent’s list would certainly differ according their own needs and the needs of their baby. However, there are certain items like a crib, baby clothes, nursing clothes and a pram that may show up on most expectant parents’ lists.

SMT Baby & Kids

Are you preparing for a baby soon? Check out our list of essential items.

We made our own list of 3 items that we feel should be on every expectant parent’s list. We’ve also searched for some of the best brands of these items, to make your job a bit easier. Here they are!

The 3 ‘smart solutions’ for happy babies

1. A baby swaddle

There’s an art to swaddling a newborn, and usually parents learn this first-hand from the nurses in the hospital.

The right swaddle is supposed to mimic the comfort of the mother’s womb and soothe the newborn baby. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says that if the swaddling is done correctly, it can be an effective technique to help calm and infant and promote sleep.

If you are looking for the perfect swaddle, we feel the Love to Swaddle UP swaddle is one of the best out there.

SMT Baby & Kids

Now, doesn’t this look like a happy baby? This swaddle promises to keep your baby happy and comfy.

Love To Swaddle UP is an innovative swaddle that allows your baby to sleep with their arms up. It is said that swaddled babies who have access to their hands may settle better and sleep longer.

Mums say that this swaddle required no fumbling and is easy to use, even when terribly sleep deprived. The The Love To Swaddle UP Lite retails for $55.90 on www.smtdistributors.com.sg.

2. A medicine dropper

This item might be easily overlooked because who wants to pre-empt giving their baby medicine right? For those who’ve tried giving their babies medicine, they know that this is no easy feat.

So what we looked for was a product that is innovative and would significantly reduce the stress associated with medicine giving and taking.

SMT Baby & Kids

This little dropper can be the answer to your baby-related medicine nightmares!

We found the EeziMed dummy which is a quite unique medicine dropper. This medicine dropper/ dummy promises makes administering doses of medicine (up to 5ml) to even the fussiest baby, an absolute breeze.

It combines a dummy with a unique patented syringe.

It also features a small channel inside the teat which allows the medicine to be given easily through sucking or actively by gently pressing the plunger to ease the medicine into the back of your baby’s mouth — safe and easy!

The EeziMed dummy retails for just $15.90. You can read more about this product and purchase it here.

3. A nursing cover

If you are one of those mums who are super-confident in discretely nursing her baby in public, that’s awesome!

However if you are a first-time mum who wants to be able to feed her baby whenever, wherever and prefers to cover up when nursing, you can try using a nursing cover.

Shops are flooded with every type of nursing cover and it was indeed very hard to pick one. We found that all types of nursing covers offered similar privacy.

SMT Baby & Kids

Nurse in comfort and style with this nursing cover.

However the Belly Armor Nursing Cover stood out because it not only gives you and your baby privacy when breastfeeding, but is 99.9% effective at shielding your baby from radiation from cells phones, laptops and other devices.

To add to this great feature, we found that mums like the Belly Armour Nursing Cover because it is also very fashionable and comfortable.

You ca get more information on this product and purchase it here. The Belly Armour Nursing Cover retails for $69.90.

Shopping can be tiring! But it doesn’t always have to be…

So once you’ve finalised your list, you will be left with the simple task of purchasing all these items. Did we say simple? Well, we’re sure shopping for baby isn’t that simple when you’ve got many items on your list!

With the extra pregnancy weight to lug around and new-found exhaustion, you might have to limit your shopping trip to a maximum of one or two shops a day.

SMT Baby & Kids

Going from store to store can be very tiring for a pregnant mum.

What would definitely be a blessing to an expectant mum (and a dad who’ll be the one carrying all the baby goods!) is if she could purchase all the baby essentials at once place – and even better – online.

We’ve also found the perfect place you can do just this. Now, you get to shop for your baby while you lounge in your favourite chair, in the comfort of your home, with your favourite beverage close by. Could it get better?

SMT Baby & Kids

Shopping online be done with ease from the comfort of our home.

If you shop on http://www.smtdistributors.com.sg/ it does get better. What’s unique about shopping at SMT Baby & Kids is that you will have access to products and brands that are of exceptional quality.

After all, SMT Baby & Kids was started by a mum, so as you would imagine, they pay meticulous attention to the products featured on the website.

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Thank you and good luck!

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