Meet the Japanese baby whose luscious locks and chubby cheeks are stealing our hearts

Meet the Japanese baby whose luscious locks and chubby cheeks are stealing our hearts

Here's a baby who's giving every single influencer out there a run for their money!

She's just seven months old, but little baby Chanco already has 136K Instagram followers (influencers, take note!). This sweet Japanese baby literally shot to stardom overnight thanks to her "mane" attraction: jet-black, silky luscious locks to die for! 

baby chanco Baby Chanco at birth, sporting a full head of ebony hair

Baby Chanco and Her 'Hair Diaries'

This baby girl "came out of the womb with a full head of hair" in December 2017. Her mummy started posting pictures of her on Instagram in May, when she was just four months old and sporting a mane a hair model would die for. 

Baby Chanco quickly started amassing fans from around the world, after her "hair diaries" (as her mum calls them) went viral. 

And you can see why when you take a look at the pictures. This baby truly has epic hair. And that, combined with her chubby cheeks and big, round eyes, makes us coo and swoon in delight. 

In the 46 pictures of this little one shared until now, she is seen lounging around or smiling, rocking her ebony bouffant like a star! 

Baby Chanco's hair is styled with cute little bows and clips in some pictures. In others, it's left in its incredible natural state, fanning impressively around her cherubic face. 

Her fans are left stunned by her long, lush locks and want to know the secret behind them. However, baby Chanco's parents are not revealing much to the media yet. Until that day comes, let your hearts be filled with joy and wonder at these too-adorable pictures of baby Chanco.


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