Does your baby have bad breath?

Does your baby have bad breath?

What do you do when your child has bad morning breath? Check out the helpful tips and suggestions from our parents!

Baby bad breath

Treat your baby’s bad breath

Mum Needs Help: My eleven month old daughter has bad breath or morning breath (whichever you wanna call it) I used to clean her tongue but as she is much older, she is able to resist. People told me that she shouldn’t have bad breath AT ALL as she is still a baby. I am not sure why. Is this normal?? How do you clean your baby’s tongue when she doesn’t want to?


Zur Nas: As for me I clean using wet cloth. My 8 months old daughter resist as well… i will jus talk to her…. distract her… give her fav toy.. u will need to be fast doing it… i will do it routinely without fail… b4 morning bath.

Ng Huixian:
I think your daughter internal body is too heaty. U should give her drink more water and some Chinese barley.

Luz Lintot-alias:
 Usually clean the tongue, up down and side of the mouth at least 3 to 4 times a week, just wet all over the cloth with warm water and put your pointing finger into the wet cloth and put inside the mouth, wipe the tongue and whole part of mouth gently but you will need to be fast doing it until the white things from the tongue come out,

Rachel Lim:
I use wet hanky w the mouthwash I bought fr medical hall.. Every morning & before bedtime.. The mouthwash is sweet so my gal likes.. She doesn’t resist buy she will bite me.. Like the others.. Will tok to her & distract her.. Oso.. I’ll cook barley or chrysathemum once a wk for whole family.. So my gal oso drinks it once a wk..

Luz Lintot-alias:
 I think everyday doing it for the very young toddler is not good, coz the meat or skin (whichever we call it) of the mouth and the toungue are so soft, it will abrasion. the important is to take out gently the white thing from the mouth and tongue to avoid Bad Breathe cause of milk and babies foods that she/he ate , give more water to drink til they keep urinate and come out the Bad Sweat

Audrey Tan:
I never believe in tongue cleaning. None of my 3 kids hv bad breath.

Shirley Soh Sally:
Also depends on wat she eats for dinner too..agree wif other mummies..prob she’s heaty during these few days…as the weather is so hot

Denise Sim:
Yeah! My pd told me usually dentist tell you how to clean the teeth not the tongue. It might introduce bacteria without you knowing.

Earnie Sulaiman:
 Hi all, thanks for your replies.. really appreciate it. i brush her teeth now and still not able to clean her tongue.. i agree that tongue cleaning may not be suitable for babies cuz the tongue is still soft. Rachel – which mouthwash is this? is it for babies? I also agree that maybe her internal body could be heaty cuz of too much milk and that the tongue is thickened with milk coat. Anyways, I will try your suggestions…
And I will ask the PD when we take her for check up this Mon… Thank you all 🙂

Doc Dana E Srither:
You may consider diluted lemon juice. It can help to reduce the bacteria load of the mouth. Plus the vitamin C!

Azalia Huzaifah:
my MIL’s tip: let baby drink as much plain water as possible to wash off bad breath esp tongue stained white with milk (tt happens sometimes right). and you can get the toothpaste w the ‘brush’ cap to be worn @yr finger but i forgot the brand name. my dau previously refused to have her teeth n mouth cleaned, but after 2 tries with tt product, now she happily opens her mouth allowing me to clean her teeth, sometimes biting on the cap, but i mean bottomline is, she is co-operating. and I thought she will never allow me to do so!

Sandy Tng Wee Ling:
My PD recommended NUK oral wipes. My son had oral thrush on his tongue so we had to clean so that sucking on the bottle will be easier

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