Meet the youngest employees going into business early

Meet the youngest employees going into business early

The job market just got a lot cuter

In a hilarious satirical campaign, popular job search engine Zip Recruiter, explores a segment of the population with limitless potential: babies.

In the video, Chief Marketing Officer, Ed Fu, suggests the possibilities of economic growth that their new initiative would provide.

What's this new initiative? Jobs for Babies.


As a parent, it sounds absolutely bonkers, right? Well, think about it for a bit...



Babies don't have any prior responsibilities to worry about. Plus, it's their first job, so there's really no position they wouldn't mind taking. This little tyke seems pleased about his new position as office custodian.



Parents can attest to the claim that babies are up all hours of the night. That's perfect for this little girl's new job as an emergency vet!



Sure, there might be a little bit of a learning curve in terms of technology and daily office routines. But that can all be taught in due time.

Zip Recruiter makes some very valid cases in considering babies for employment. For these babies ready to make an impact in their community, I guess the real question is: Where do I sign?




This farcical campaign is not only hilarious, but incredibly adorable! Check out the whole video below:

What do you think of Zip Recruiters genius new plan to integrate babies into the marketplace?


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