8 Awesome things that dads do

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Our dads do everything from teach us sports to fixing things around the house. Here's a list of awesome things that our dads always do for us.

Mums and dads are awesome people. They’re responsible for our well-being, and they sacrificed a lot to make sure that we grow up right. However, dads do things a little differently. Here’s a list of 8 awesome things that dads do.

1. Our dads made us tough

awesome things that dads do

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It’s normal to get bumps and bruises when you’re a kid, and while our mums usually tend to worry a lot if we get some scrapes here and there, our dads usually tell us to tough it out. They taught us that even if we might fall down, we can always get back up.

2. Dads tell the worst jokes (that we secretly love)

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Dads tend to have a knack for telling the weirdest and the corniest ever jokes. While they do make us cringe, we owe it to our dads for giving us their sense of humor, regardless of how bad their jokes might be.

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3. Our dads taught us sports


awesome things that dads do

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Even if we didn’t wind up become the next Michael Jordan, or Serena Williams, our dads did their best to teach us how to play sports. It taught us teamwork, and the value of hard work in achieving your goals. Plus, it’s always fun to play sports with dad.

4. Our dads taught us how to goof off

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While our mums usually adhere to a strict schedule at home, and always makes us work hard and study to get high grades, our dads are usually the ones who let us just goof off and be a kid. They taught us to let our hair down and do crazy things every once in a while.
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5. Our dads can fix everything

awesome things that dads do

photo from: pixabay.com

Well, technically not everything. But our dads do their best to fix stuff around the house. If we broke something, or if the lightbulb in our room needs to be changed, our dads are on it. I guess dads just have this knack for being handy.

6. Dads give great advice

awesome things that dads do

photo from: pixabay.com

Whenever we have problems, our dads are always there for us. They give us really good advice and they also have a lot of life experiences that they can teach us.
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7. Our dads protect us from everything

Even if our dads can be overprotective, we know that they mean well. They’re always looking out for us regardless of when we’re kids, or when we’re adults. It’s reassuring to know that whatever happens, our dads have our backs.

8. Without our dads, we won’t be here

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Our dads have sacrifice a lot in order to make sure that we grow up to be good people. They taught us a lot of the things we know, and they also took care of us if ever our mums need to take a break. They love us a lot and we should all give our dads the love and thanks that they deserve. Thanks for everything dad!

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Nasreen Majid