Avondale Grammar School Review

Avondale Grammar School Review

Avondale Grammar School is a small, international school which offers personal attention and a nurturing environment for children 3-12 years.


Avondale Grammar School is a small, international school which offers personal attention and a nurturing environment for children between 3-12 years.

Their intimate class sizes and teacher to student ratios (1:11 in all morning sessions for K-Yr2) allow their teachers to extend children in their talents and support them in areas of need. Avondale follows the Australian curriculum and includes daily Mandarin lessons.

Avondale Grammar School Contact Details:

Tel: 62 588 544

Visit: www.avondale.edu.sg/

What other parents think about Avondale Grammar School

Leemmo - “Only know one person here who's kids go to Avondale and they seem happy with it but it is a bit far out and so they have an early start getting the bus there.”

Thaiclan: “We really like Avondale for our daughter. We live on the East Coast and the bus arrives at 07:40 to get her to school and she is home by 15:30.”

Lulu Mee Lah – “My two daughters are at Avondale and after 6 months there I'm still impressed. With small teacher to students ratios I have really noticed the attention the teachers have been able to offer my children as individuals. Being small, it's a very friendly community and the new kids all seem to settle in so quickly. It's a lively place to be and my kids are just having so much fun.”

ps49 – “Avondale is a fairly new school (since 2007). Class sizes fairly small. Not a typical Singapore int'l school, more like a small country prep school. Friendly and not intimidating for the kids. Parents and kids seem satisfied so far. My son settled in very quickly and looks forward to school. Negative - Lacks the facilities of a big school. Obviously academic record not yet proven . Recently changed headteacher. It only does primary years so need to plan next steps early due to waiting lists at many intl schools catering for secondary years. Pricey.”

Jacqui Wong - “We have been very happy there for the past year and one term. The school follows the Australian curriculum and also offers amazingly low teacher to child ratio. My son is in year 2 and there are 23 kids. They have 3 fully qualified teachers every morning for literacy and maths and 2 teachers each afternoon. My daughter is in year 4 with 13 children and they have 1 fully qualified teachers and an aid in the room. I have watched my children come on in leaps and bounds with reading, maths and confidence. You can't beat ratios like that. It is a small school where the teachers really know you child. They extend them where they have strength and help in areas of need. You can do a trial day at Avondale which is a great way for your child to judge it.”

Grub - “Plus points: Small school, less overwhelming for younger children, they were marketing that they could offer a curriculum of a posh private school back in Sydney. I liked the school premises - it was a black and white school (it used to be a girl's home). Downside for me at the time - it was a new school with no track record and the price was high for a small school, almost the same as AISS, Tanglin, etc. and the school of our choice came back with an offer. “

Lulu Mee Lah - "Hi my daughters (6 & 7) just started at Avondale and it's been a great beginning. There are twelve kids in each of their classes and their teachers have already picked up on things that their previous school overlooked. Avondale are also strong on the extra-curricular but it is optional and outside school hours so doesn't eat into the academic tuition hours. We like it. Definitely worth a visit. The community has been so welcoming which is also important for the entire family."

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Written by

Sandra Ong

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