Ask Wildby: A Children's encyclopedia in your smartphone

Ask Wildby: A Children's encyclopedia in your smartphone

Ask Wildby is the world's first voice controlled encyclopedia smartphone app for young children, and perhaps the perfect app for parents with ultra-curious little ones! Find out what we think about this handy little app.

Ask Wildby: A Children's encyclopedia in your smartphoneDoes an average afternoon with your child involve him bombarding you with hundreds of questions? Well, there’s an app for that.

What does it do?

Wildby is a voice-controlled Android application created for young children aged 4-7 to explore, share and communicate safely on the Internet without much adult supervision.

All your inquisitive little angel will have to do is to verbally ask a question, and the application will give him an answer.

Of course, the application has been created in such a way that only child-safe questions are provided. For example, even if a child asks a question about sex, only a child-safe answer will be given.

The app works by gathering information from the Internet and converting the information by using text to speech technology, so that your child receives a verbal answer.

Ask Wildby: A Children's encyclopedia in your smartphone

Ask Wildby only works with version 2.3 Android phones and only a free version of the app is available at the moment.

Our verdict? 

The voice recognition feature on this app doesn’t always work perfectly, but thankfully there is an option for children to type in their queries as well. In the free version of this app, users are only allowed to input one word into the search function.

For example, if your child wants to know a specific piece of information about dinosaurs, he’ll only be able to type ‘dinosaur’ into the search function.

The free app also comes with child-targeted advertisements, so if you have an issue with that, it’s best to wait for the paid version, which also allows users to conduct searches with multiple words.

Although we can definitely see kids being entertained with this app, the answers provided are brief and without in-depth explanation, so don’t expect to throw out your real encyclopedias anytime soon! For more details, click here.

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Felicia Chin

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