Ask Our Expert on Your Child’s Health

Ask Our Expert on Your Child’s Health

Ask our expert Dr Dana Elliott, who is here to help you this week.


A child is synonymous to a budding seedling. He/she has to be nourished and meticulously taken care of to ensure that his/her health is in perfect condition at all times.

As a parent, we understand you have many questions regarding your child’s health, such as preventive measures to prevent illness and how does various vitamin/supplement aid in your child’s development.

Hence, BRAND’S® Alpha and theAsianparent have teamed up to help you!
Our Expert Doctor for this week, Dr Dana Eliott, will take questions posted by you regarding children’s health. Your questions will be looked through and answered by Dr Dana Eliott the week after next. The detailed answers will be presented in both video and text formats.

About Dr Dana Elliott
Dr Dana Elliott Srither, MBBS (Singapore), Grad Dip Family Medicine, is a certified Family Physician who believes in the principles of “Get Well” and “Stay Well”.

Healthy heart and parenting

Health tips from our experts

About BRAND’S® Alpha
There’s nothing more than proper nutrition and care for your child to be healthy during the formative years. Formulated with natural ingredients, BRAND’S® Alpha’s innovative health products have been helping kids stay healthy, strong and happy for many years.  BRAND’S® Alpha offers a wide range of health products to enhance your child’s brain and eye development, immunity and many more!

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