Ask an Expert: On Cyberbullying

Ask an Expert: On Cyberbullying

Today, the Internet is our children’s favourite ‘playground’. Technology gives children today more ways to connect, socialise and communicate than ever before, which is great. The downside is that the child can be either purposely or unknowingly using technology to hurt others emotionally. Cyberbullying, essentially the new high-tech version of the schoolyard bully, is increasingly a prominent threat to our children.

Ask an Expert: On Cyberbullying

The Norton Online Family Report 2011 found that seven in ten Singaporean children have experienced negative situations online and 47 per cent have experienced a serious negative online situation such as receiving inappropriate pictures from strangers, being bullied or becoming a victim of cybercrime.

It is our responsibility as parents to help guide and set boundaries so that our children are safe online. One of the most effective ways to keep them safe online is to have an ongoing and open dialogue with them.

But are you equipped with the tools and knowledge to safeguard your kids from online threats such as cyberbullying?  Maybe you’re not quite sure how to go about teaching your child how to use the Internet properly and safely?

Norton and theAsianparent have teamed up to help you!

Ask an Expert: On CyberbullyingOur Expert for this week, Effendy Ibrahim, would like to get the conversation started around your child’s online safety. We’ll be taking questions posted by you on cyberbullying.

Selected questions will be answered by Effendy the week after next. The detailed answers will be presented in both video and text formats.

About Effendy Ibrahim

As Norton’s Internet Safety Advocate, Effendy Ibrahim is passionate about promoting family online safety issues. A father of four boys, he has not only spearheaded numerous awareness, educational and innovative programs in the community – including Norton Inner Circle, but has also been a vocal commentator on a range of topics including cyberbullying, social networking threats, Internet etiquette and safe online practices.

Effendy is also a member of the Media Literacy Council in Singapore, under the ambit of the Media Development Authority. The Council partners with government bodies, private sector organisations, community groups and social media influencers to raise awareness of media literacy issues across all online and offline media platforms, and promote a safe, secure and civil media environment for all Singaporeans.

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