Asia Passport to Primary 1 Camp

Asia Passport to Primary 1 Camp

Learn all about Learning Horizon's camp called Passport to P1. Read on for the full review and see how the focus is not just about academics but about bringing moral values into the activities.

Asia Passport to Primary 1 Camp

From 4 – 14 June, the six-year-olds who signed up for the ‘Passport to P1’ camp were treated to something special. Passport to Primary One is an inquiry-based camp filled with challenges for children that reflect common situations commonly experienced at school. These obstacles were academic, social and emotional in nature and were aimed at helping children transit smoothly from Kindergarten to Primary One.

Learning Horizon built three modules for the camps. The first two modules focuses on the emotional intelligence, while the last module is a mixture of academic as well as emotional intelligence components. This particular camp focuses on the first module on emotional intelligence.

The kids participated in a whole host of activities, including writing cards to their peers and their parents, role playing situations, and of course team building games. Games such as Charades, Monkey See Monkey Do, Human Pizza, Alphabet Actors, and many others served to create an atmosphere of fun and excitement.

The games too had their own learning outcomes. The happy campers learned to be more aware of their strengths and abilities, they became more positive team players and they helped boost one another’s self esteem. Friendships were formed, lessons were learned and the children had loads of fun.

Curriculum specialist, Felisa Fernandez, explained that the camp was focussing on a child’s emotional development and it aimed to impart good moral values on each child. In fact, main activity had children writing ‘kindness cards’ to one another. They decorated the cards using markers, colour pencils and crayons and wrote encouraging words to another camper, in a form of a letter.

Felisa said that, “the focus is on the emotional quotient, we try to bring moral values into our activities. For example, a lesson in empathy involves putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. Preschoolers may not understand the concept. That is why we made them write a kindness cards to one another, to brighten their friend’s day”.

The kids also had a time of reflection, and journal writing. They learned to express their feelings and pen down their thoughts on the camp, their friends, and the educational experience. The kids left the camp as different individuals, with less doubts, more self belief, respect and awareness for those around them and loads of self confidence to become the ‘winners’ they always were inside.

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