Do not miss this eco-friendly arts festival in Singapore this school holiday!

Do not miss this eco-friendly arts festival in Singapore this school holiday!

The mid-year school holidays are here. As parents, you must be wondering how to engage your kids in meaningful and fun activities — and we have the perfect solution for your dilemma! Here are six reasons why your family should be at this eco-friendly arts festival in Singapore with plenty of free workshops and performances!

The mid-year school holidays are upon us. As parents, we wonder how best to keep our kids occupied during this time in a meaningful and fun way.

Gone are the days when holidays were about playing Zero Point or chapteh with the neighbourhood gang, or visiting relatives.

Now, these have been replaced with more screen time and expensive foreign holidays.

However, holidays should not be about staring at a screen or taking fancy trips.

They could also be about enriching your kids in the arts — through dance, drama, music, and other art forms. Exposure to such activities will not only help your kids develop their social and communication skills, but will also nurture their inner talents and passions. Above all, they’re a bunch of fun!

One place to experience all this and more in Singapore is at the Goodman Arts Centre’s Open House. Called “Goodman Open House: Re:Imagined”this family festival will be held on 26 May 2018, 11am to 5pm.

Here are six compelling reasons why you should certainly not miss this event!

 1. Arts & culture for kids--It’s a family-friendly arts festival art & culture for kids

“Goodman Open House: Re:Imagined” is a family-friendly arts festival that offers art lovers of all ages a creative day out to enjoy.

Held in the Goodman Arts Centre, the open house focuses on reimagining creative ways of making art .

With over 20 different workshops and performances by Goodman’s resident artists and arts groups, participants can immerse themselves in craft workshops, and explore open studios and tours, as well as check out exhibitions and performances.

And not only is there food for thought, there's also food to nourish the body! You can shop for fresh produce such as vegetables, eggs and seafood at a sustainable lifestyle market featuring 10 local farmers!  

The good news is that save for one, all these events and workshops are free!


2. There are plenty of exciting workshops to participate in, such as:

Hey Prints Charming!
by Artefakts

What:Let your kids join Singapore’s very own “Prints Charming” Jeff Ang as he shows them how to create stunning patterns on pulp paper with paints from a marbling bath. Believe us, this experience will remain “imprinted” on their memory forever!

When & Where: 11am–5pm | Blk O #02-64

Fees: Drop-in session; Free

Age group: Suitable for children 5 years and above


DIY Acrylic & Mixed Media Painting Workshop
by Steven Fang

What: We want our kids to be environmentally conscious and become responsible citizens of the world. Recycling waste is one way to educate them about our deteriorating environment. How can we teach our children to be creative with recycled material? Here’s a chance to explore that. With recycled materials, your child will learn to reimagine the ways acrylic works can be created. Each session lasts up to 20 minutes.

When & Where: 11am–5pm | Blk O #02-65

Fees: Drop-in session; Free

Age Group: suitable for ages 3 years and above


One Wall at a Time
by Mural Lingo

art & culture for kids

What: Do you have a Picasso at home? Does your child like playing with colours? Let your child’s creative juices burst forth by watching the masters work during this mural painting session. It’s based on reimagining modes and mediums of creating art.

When & Where: 11am–5pm | Astroturf

Fees: Drop-in session; Free

Age Group: Suitable for all ages


The Conscious Camp
by Mural Lingo

What: This workshop will help make your child become more conscious about our environment. Let your children go green, and be creative! In this series of interactive workshops, kids will learn how to extract natural dyes and colour pigments from plants, doodle on recycled books and materials, create stencil art from old cardboard, and upcycle old or torn clothes.

When & Where: 11am–5pm | Astroturf

Fees: Drop-in session; Free

Age Group: Suitable for all ages


Reimagine the Dining Table
by Goodman Ceramic Studio

What: Let your child try her hand at molding and sculpting pottery and glassware such as cups, bowls and coasters through four exciting hour-long workshops. Your family’s dining table will never look the same again! Book your classes via

When & Where: 9am-5pm | Blk F & G

Fees:$10-$20, registration is compulsory

Age Group: 7 years and above


3. You’ll experience performances that will floor you, like these:

Singapore: A Musical Tale
by The Philharmonic Winds

What: If your child shows interest in music, here’s a chance for them to learn about wind and brass instruments like the flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone and tuba through music and storytelling. The entire family can enjoy an original theatrical performance capturing the nuances of a student’s everyday life in music. Don’t miss it!

When & Where: 11am-11.30am | Astroturf

Fees: Drop-in session; Free

Age Group: Suitable for all ages


My Little Story
by The Storytelling Centre Ltd

What: Children love to listen to stories and be transported to lands far and away, into the worlds of kings and queens, ogres and demons. This mid-year holiday, let them be enthralled by folk and fairy tales brought to life by storytellers and encourage them to spin their own versions of these narratives through simple craft activities.

When & Where: 2pm–2.45pm & 4pm–4.45pm | Blk O #01-58

Fees:Drop-in session; Free

Age Group: Suitable for all ages


Sing-A-Long, Jam-A-Long, Play-A-Long
by Little Creaturesart & culture for kids

What: Itching to join a jam session along with your entire family? No, it’s not karaoke but a live music event. Join Little Creatures together with your kids as together you breathe new life into songs old and new  in a music jamboree session. Groove, sing, jam and play along to their live music!

When & Where: 4pm–5pm | Multi-Purpose Studio 1

Fees: Drop-in session; Free

Age Group: Suitable for all ages


by T.H.E. Dance Company

What: Does your little one just love grooving to music — any kind at all? Then, you must bring her to T.H.E Dance Company’s studios for the open rehearsal of Transit,a brand new creation by New Zealand artist Natalie Maria Clark. It’s all part of her residency programme for the upcoming M1 CONTACT Contemporary Dance Festival 2018, and a unique glimpse inside the world of dance.

When & Where: 4pm–5pm | Blk M #01-53

Fees: Drop-in session; Free

Age Group: Suitable for those ages 10 and above


Mirrors of Gestures
by Apsaras Arts

What: Expose your kids to a dance showcase featuring the Indian classical dance styles of Bharatanatyam and Kathak. The performance will include pure, rhythmic dance pieces and Abhinaya, the art of mime and story-telling through dance. The performance will feature young talents from Apsaras Arts Dance Academy.

When & Where: 4pm–4.30pm | Astroturf

Fees: Drop-in session; Free

Age Group: Suitable for all ages 

Check out the Goodman Arts Centre’s website for more performances  


4. Enjoy exhibitions and studios for fun, play and learning such as:

Smells of Singapore, Past and Present
by Je’taime Perfumery

What: Have you ever taken your kids to a perfume shop?  Here’s your chance to have a “sniff” at a very unusual experience. Step into the studio of scent artist Prachi Saini to discover how the familiar smells of Singapore can trigger your senses and take you back to your earliest memory. Registration for tours starts 15 minutes before opening hours at the studio’s entrance.

When & Where: 11am–5pm (Open Studio), 11.30am–12pm & 12pm–12.30pm (Tour) | Blk O #01-57

Fees: Drop-in session; Free

Age Group: Suitable for children 5 years and above


Open Studio
by Iskander Walen   

What: How does an artist use recycled material and convert it into a piece of art? Is it a special skill,  or can anyone do it? Your children can unearth the secret behind the process of this form of art creation from Dutch professional artist Iskander Walen, including insights into his use of recycled material in his works.

When & Where: 11am–5pm | Blk O #02-62

Fees: Drop-in session; Free

Age Group: Suitable for all ages


Open Studio
by Bamboo Lab

What: We all love nature but have you ever wondered how you can create works of art with nature’s abundant gifts? Here’s your chance to explore a variety of nature-themed artworks, with ink and mixed media artist Siokhoon. This art is inspired by the flora and fauna around the green grounds of Goodman Arts Centre.

When & Where: 11am–5pm | Blk O #02-61

Fees: Drop-in session; Free

Age Group: Suitable for children 5 years and above


Reimagine —An Exhibition
by Mural Lingo

What: As they say, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. The aesthetically-trained eye can see art in mundane objects too. Adopting the techniques of deconstruction and reconstruction, five artists breathe new life into seemingly mundane everyday objects in “Reimagine.” This exhibition will inspire your children to be playful and creative with objects of daily use.

When & Where: 11am–5pm | Astroturf

Fees: Drop-in session; Free

Age Group: Suitable for all ages


Superhero Me —Exhibition
by Superhero Meart & culture for kids

What: Who doesn’t like superheroes? In this exhibition, you will find a colourful, energetic and vibrant space for children (and adults) of all abilities to socialise, including an inclusive wheelchair-accessible obstacle course and larger-than-life cardboard creations that are sure to inspire your imagination!

When & Where: 11am–5pm | Blk O Atrium

Fees: Drop-in session; Free

Age Group: Suitable for all ages


5. Shop at Green-Marketart & culture for kids

What: GOODMAN GREEN GREEN MARKET- Play your part to save the environment and support ethical, green vendors!

Over 30 eco-friendly vendors will participate at the first-ever Goodman Green Green Market to sell an assortment of locally-grown farm produce and reusable products! Vendors include Kin Yan Agrotech, Koh Fah Technology Farm, Packet Greens, Sustenir Agriculture, Apollo Marine, Barramundi Asia, The Fish Farmer, AVA, N & N Agriculture, and many more.

When & Where: 11am-5pm | Blk M

Fees: Free

Age Group: All


6. Finally, sample some yummy food from the food trucks

Unlike in the west, food trucks are not a common sight in Singapore… until now! After attending workshops, visiting exhibitions and walking through studios, head to the Visitor Carpark to grab some yummy food from the food trucks! It’s time to relax and unwind, and have a bite or two at Coffee Bandits and The Travelling C.O.W.

Mums and dads, by bringing your family to “Goodman Open House: Re:Imagined,”not only you will your children make new friends, but you will also expose them to new ways of expressing themselves,which could really get them interested in the arts.

Check out the full list of programmes here. 

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