Anti-Caning of Kids Petition

Anti-Caning of Kids Petition

If like us, you are anti-caning, please sign our anti-caning of kids in Singapore petition.

We recently created an anti-caning of kids petition in Singapore.

We were spurred on to write this petition, after conducting a poll and realising that more than half of our Singaporean readers are okay with the use of a cane as a discipline method.

If like us, you are anti-caning, please sign the petition below. If for some reason, you are pro-caning, do tell us why in the comment box below.

Anti Caning of Kids in Singapore Petition


PS: This is not an anti-spanking/smacking petition. It is just an anti-caning petition.

PPS: According to an interview done by Malaysian Newspaper, The Star with Dr Mohamed Fadzil, a trained psychologist and a lecturer in psychological counselling for 10 years, “How a child sees himself will determine whether he is self-confident or anxious,”.

According to Dr Fadzil, “Caning may bring about a negative self-concept, where he grows up in fear, panicking easily. This tendency follows into adulthood. If as children they are afraid to try, as adults they are not independent, not industrious.”

This makes them a manpower liability. After having spent millions on educating them as children, to then have to pour millions more to make them creative adults is a drain on the nation's coffers, he pointed out.

“One of the side-effects of caning is hatred, revenge, rebellion,” he added.

“In an aggressive personality, in its extreme form, we get terrorists.

“But passive personalities internalise the aggression. They become runaways, or in extreme cases, commit suicide.”

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Roshni Mahtani

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