7 Annoying Mum-in-law Behaviours That'll Make You Want to Move Out

7 Annoying Mum-in-law Behaviours That'll Make You Want to Move Out

She hates the wedding ring that you picked and the way you arrange the furniture and so much more

Mother-in-law? More like monster-in-law! Come on, I'm sure you know of someone, if not yourself, who has an annoying mother-in-law (MIL), whether or not it's intentional.

Here are 7 typical MIL behaviours that can drive you crazy. Hands up if you agree!

#1 Comparing you with another 'candidate'


We all know this one. This particular type of MIL has been making appearances in local dramas. She thinks your husband's ex or one of her friend's daughter is a better 'candidate' than you but you know what, at the end of the day it's YOU that has the ring on your finger!


#2 Shoving all of the housework to her daughter-in-law


Ah, to be honest, this might be one of the reasons that's causing a strain to your relationship with your hubby. Solution? Try evening out the tasks. For example, today you do the cooking and then tomorrow it's her turn. Make sure to do it in a nice, "I mean no harm" tone though.


#3 Expect your husband to agree with her when you two get into a fight


You two could be fighting about who gets to hold the remote control and she still expects your hubby to be on her side.


#4 Keeping secrets within the family


It can be a big one or a small one, a serious one or a ridiculous one. For example, she can be taking your kids to eat ice-cream and tell them: "Don't tell mummy because you have a dental appointment next Monday" or she could be telling your husband to not pay the bills because "She's the one using the phone a lot." Anyhow, it's annoying.


#5 Criticising cooking/housework skills


She hates the way you hold the knife when you cut the onions and the way you prefer drying your clothes indoors instead of outdoors. She hates the way you you put the coconut milk before you put in the sugar when you cook curry and the way you don't use colour-sensitive detergent. Whatever, as long as you get the job done, right?


#6 Ask about your bedroom activity


It's like a daily question you receive every morning before you start the day. "Did you have sex last night? How long did it last? Do you think you'll get pregnant this time round?" Oh hush, please!


#7 Requesting that you spend more time with her


This is probably one of their most infuriating behaviours. Doesn't it get really annoying when you have the whole weekend planned out only to have grandma saying "Why are you going out? I went to the market this morning to get fish for dinner tonight." Or "Going out again? Why can't you just stay home? It's so rare to have the whole family at home these days."


Can you relate to any of the above? Share your thoughts with us! 

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Written by

Aisyah Amin

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