Andy Lau’s ecstatic about Dragon baby girl(s)!

Andy Lau’s ecstatic about Dragon baby girl(s)!

It’s Chinese New Year and Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau is really reaping the prosperity, as he will be a father to Dragon girl(s). What should he be looking forward to when raising his little dragon(s)?

Andy Lau's expected Dragon baby girl(s)

Andy Lau’s expected Dragon baby girl(s)

A little while back Andy was said to have triplets, three being a symbol of life in the Chinese culture and now reports say that it’s going to be a Dragon baby girl (singular). Regardless of whether Andy Lau will have one or three babies, the most important thing is health—because quality is always better than quantity.

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45-year-old Carol Chu and 50-year-old Andy will be expecting to hold their bundle(s) of joy in June this year, as Andy announced at a fan gathering recently. There is certainly reason to be generous and thankful for the good news. The entertainer dished out HKD $20,000 worth of red packets. Each fan was delighted with two packets of HKD $10 each.

The actor also displayed his fatherly side when he hugged and kissed young kids who were present at the festivities. Question is, will he be able to handle his own little Dragon(s)?

Traits of Water Dragon babies

Since the Dragon sign is the most revered sign, Andy will be off to a great start. There should not be fear of other kids bullying his, as there is an innate fiery force within. Babies born in the year of the Dragon are believed (in Chinese culture) to be all-knowing and influential. In fact, extraordinarily gifted little children are referred to as “Dragon children”—even if they are born in other years.

Andy should be ready for high energy, perky alertness and a great enthusiasm when it comes to learning skills in his daughter(s). His kid(s) may just grow up to be a great leader (even at an early age)—and what father would not what their kid to reach for the stars—especially if Andy is a superstar himself.

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Dragon Babies have an inner strength, which may cause them to be rather unpredictable and inconsistent in their early development. So Andy and Carol should be prepared for a ride of their lives because it just may take on an exciting turn. They would have to be flexible parents — even if they may have rigid and fixed plans on how to raise their exceptional girl(s).

Great news is that Andy’s girl(s) may never be bullied or trampled on as Dragon babies usually have a great might and a strong sense of self. This simply means that during their development, they should be able to effortlessly find solutions and even cultivate a strong will if they are not being heard. Sounds a little like a stubborn streak doesn’t it? Well Andy, watch out!

Last but not least, since the water element in Feng Shui relates to wealth, the arrival of Water Dragon Babies equals to monetary gains. Andy would not have to worry about money, surely he has a surplus of it—but no one ever complains about receiving more wealth, right?


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