An open letter to the introverted mum

An open letter to the introverted mum

"It's okay if you need to be alone. Just remember that you never are."

Dear introverted mum,

I'm sure you noticed that many of those articles on well-meaning parenting sites talk about how to encourage your kids self-confidence and that's great. But what many of the forget to mention is that parents can have moments of self-doubt too.

When most people manage to feel refreshed and energized by a fun night on the town, this is not the case for you. I understand.

There is nothing more sacred than stillness and your much awaited downtime allows you time to touch base with yourself.

When attending to your kids every whim all day could easily get exhausting, know that it's okay to acknowledge tiredness.

There is no perfect mum so don't bother trying to be one. Perfect is boring, anyway. Life is messy and kids need to learn how to find beauty in the chaos.

Let your ability to be still and to revel in solitude be an inspiration to them

There are times when we want to hide away. To just recharge. It's okay to focus on yourself once in a while. This is the only way you can even hope to fully take care of your kids: by caring for yourself first.

You don't have to be the most active member of your kid's school's parent clique. I know your fellow mums make you feel like your back in high school again, sometimes.

It's okay to be drained after a long day of caring for your kids. Take comfort in knowing you've done your best. Tomorrow is another day.

It's okay to need to be alone. Just don't forget you never really are.


Your friend

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Written by

Bianchi Mendoza

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