“Mum, don’t cry. If you cry, I’ll cry too", Aloysius Pang had said...

“Mum, don’t cry. If you cry, I’ll cry too", Aloysius Pang had said...

“Mum, don’t cry. If you cry, I’ll cry too and I’m in a lot of pain. In a few days, I will be ok..."

And finally it's all over. Singapore actor Aloysius Pang, who died from injuries suffered while on high-key reservist training in New Zealand, was cremated at around 5 pm on Jan. 27, 2019. He was accorded a military funeral prior to that. Thousands of Singaporeans turned up over the weekend to pay their last respects to the young actor who had passed away too soon...

On 28 Jan 2019, at around noon time, his ashes were scattered in the waters near Pulau Ubin.

In the words of his parents, "He is liberated now."

Aloysius Pang's family recalls his final words

In a moving eulogy, Aloysius Pang's brother, Jefferson Pang, has revealed that the family doted on the actor. He was the youngest child of the family, and he was especially close to his mother.

As a child, his mother would always accompany him to shooting locations, and help him with the script.

Aloysius Pang's family

She rushed to his side when news broke out that the actor had got severely injured in New Zealand.

Apparently, he started crying when he saw tears in his mum's eyes.

“Mum, don’t cry. If you cry, I’ll cry too and I’m in a lot of pain. In a few days, I will be ok and I will bring you to a New Zealand casino", he had tried to console her...

Aloysius Pang's family and friends remember him as a kind and thoughtful young man.

His father recalled an incident from his childhood. Aloysius was just 5 years old then it seems. He had felt sorry for a stray cat and tried to feed it. However, the cat snatched the food and in the process, scratched him, causing him to bleed.

“Where’s the damn cat that hurt my baby?", his father had asked angrily.

But Aloysius defended the cat instead, saying it was just hungry.

Aloysius Pang's family hopes Singaporeans won't forget him

Losing Aloysius has been tough, but the family is thankful for all the love and kindness that Singaporeans have shown.

Remembering the kind of person that he was, and how he had impacted everyone's lives has helped them tide through this difficult period.

Aloysius Pang's family

“That will help us prolong his memory and that is what we want everybody to feel so too. He will be hard to forget and we will never want you guys to forget as well", said Jefferson...

Many of Aloysius' friends and colleagues shared their memories of him.

Encore Films founder Joyce Lee, in her eulogy, revealed how Pang had wanted to be a better son.

He had told her that, he “felt irresponsible as a son” as “his salary is not high” and that, he could not take care of his parents as he was often busy acting.

Actress Felicia Chin said, “To me, Aloysius was one of the most compassionate people I had ever met.”

“This kind little boy would set aside 10 per cent of his pay to thank and bless the production people ... He had a heart of gold, especially for the older folk ... Aloy is very loved, missed and adored by many people.”

Rest in peace, Aloysius Pang.

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