Alicia Liu - A feminine story of a guy

Alicia Liu - A feminine story of a guy

Taiwanese model Alicia Liu was born as a boy and underwent a sex change when she was in high school. When do you think is the appropriate age to have a sex change? Was she too young to have made such a decision ?


Taiwanese model Alicia Liu was born as a boy and had changed her sex to female when she was in high school. All her sex change surgery fees were paid by her boyfriend.

In an interview with "Chinatimes" magazine,  Alicia Liu said she had originally planned to reveal the secret after she becomes famous. She wants everyone to know that even people like her can have a successful life and career. Although she is not the only transgender celebrity in the business, many were caught off guard as her facial features or frame really didn’t give much away.

Alicia Liu has been in love 5 times before and changed her life with the help of her second boyfriend. He paid for her sex change operation when she was 18 but they ultimately broke up after a year.

Alicia Liu’s family supports her decision but she worries that the media’s attention will become a burden. A TV station interviewed her grandmother and described Alicia Liu as a “spirit trapped in the wrong body”. Even though she now appears as a woman, Alicia Liu still has to face the fact that she can’t bear a child. While she hopes to do that through adoption, Alicia Liu added that she hasn’t met someone that she wants to spend her life with yet.

Transgenders are constantly put under a negative light in the 21st century. Given the already immense pressure they are under, should they even come forward and let their secrets to be publicly made known? As mentioned before, the burden is not just on Alicia Liu herself, her family will inevitably be affected by the media as well. Sparing a thought for the greater societal welfare, do you think it is advisable for transgenders to safeguard the truth rather than spilling the beans and be honest?

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Source: singaporearticles

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