What age can children wear contacts?

What age can children wear contacts?

Many parents are usually worried about the hygiene factor of these lenses as they are afraid that the kids do not clean them thoroughly and risk experiencing eye infection. However, this concern is answered with daily disposable lenses.

Are they harmful for kids?

At what age should kids wear contact lens?

Parents often wonder whether they should allow their kids to wear contact lenses. Through a survey done by Johnson & Johnson, the youngest age that doctors consider for beginning contact lens wear is 10 and the 13 seems to be the average age.

The use of daily disposable contact lenses is a good option due to the hygiene issue as kids now wear fresh contact lens and parents have no worry on the cleanliness of the contacts lenses. With Singapore being a sunny island, UV protection lenses help to protect the delicate inner eye from UV damages which is cumulative over life, causing many diseases such as pinguecula and etc.

Daily contact lenses such as 1 DAY ACUVUE® MOIST® (clear lenses) are good options for wearers who want more options. Spectacle wearers can use daily wear contact lenses as and when they do sports, water sports in particular for superb sports performance. They can also wear sunglasses either as a fashion accessory or for protection in the sun with contact lenses. The rest of the time, they can wear spectacles if they like their frames as well. Daily contact lenses are more convenient to replace if you were to lose them – and best yet. they are maintenance free as no contact solution or lens cases are needed!

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