Advice on treating dark circles/eyebags for kids?

Advice on treating dark circles/eyebags for kids?

Possible causes and treatments for dark circles/eyebags in kids.

Q: My child has terrible dark eye circles. Is there any kind of natural therapy that I can try for treating dark eye circles? Also, does anyone know why this happens?

A: Dark eye circles may not necessarily be due to poor health or troubled sleep. Other reasons could include thin skin under the children's eyes or congestion of the nose, whereby the veins around the eyes become bigger and darker. For most children, this tends to be the main reason for dark eye circles. There are some natural home remedies you can try for treating dark eye circles. For example, you can apply cucumber, potato juice or rose water on the eyes, using cotton balls, for 10 minutes daily. However, it is advisable to get treat the root cause of the problem, rather than the symptom of dark circles. Treating your child's nasal congestion might help the dark circles disappear.

In many cases, the cause of nasal congestion are allergies such as chronic sinus, allergic rhinitis or recurrent colds. Nasal congestion could also be caused by frequent mouth-breathing due to large adenoids.

Answered by theAsianparent editorial team.

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