10 Pieces of Advice New Mums Wish They'd Received

10 Pieces of Advice New Mums Wish They'd Received

What is the most important piece of advice you wish you'd received when you were a new mum? Here are 10 pieces of advice for new mums.

There’s one thing you’ll notice when you become a mum… Everyone around you seems to become an expert on how you should parent your new bundle of joy.

To a new mum trying to learn the ropes, this inundation of advice could become a bit overwhelming, to say the least!

But there are also things about motherhood that mums eventually wish someone told them about.

Here are 10 pieces of advice new mums wish they’d received! 

10 Pieces of Advice New Mums Wish They'd Received

Only you know what’s best for your baby

Once your baby makes an appearance, there will be plenty of people who will point out the ‘right way’ of doing everything, from feeding, burping, and rocking.

While it is best not to let everybody’s opinions get to you, you shouldn’t refuse advice you receive either.

The best thing to do is to listen to and consider others’ opinions, but follow your own instincts when it comes to raising your baby.

It is okay to admit you are exhausted

Motherhood doesn’t have to be fun all the time. Like everything in life, it has its moments.

When you are a new mum, you might feel bad to admit that you are tired and that you need help.

Remember that wanting to rest doesn’t mean that you are not an amazing mother. It just means you need a break – so cut yourself some slack.

Everybody knows that babies are demanding little beings, and while they are uber-cute, their demands can tire out even the hardiest new mum.

It is also okay to ask for help

Remember all those people who offered their babysitting services when you were pregnant?

Now is the time to take them up on their offer – especially those who are parents themselves!

When you are up to your wits’ end with changing diapers, breastfeeding around the clock, and rocking your colicky little angel, reach out to a good friend or your own mother or mum-in-law to take over while you get some much needed rest.

Sleep – even just an hour of it – makes a world of a difference!

Your baby won’t die if you can’t breastfeed him

10 Pieces of Advice New Mums Wish They'd Received

Baby bottle and milk powder on dark grey table

We all know how important it is to breastfeed our babies – especially a newborn. But if you can’t breastfeed for some unforeseen reason, you may feel as though you are failing at being a good mum.

This shouldn’t be the case. If all your efforts to breastfeed seem futile, don’t stress, your baby will still be okay.

It is also important not to suffer in silence. Speak to your doctor or lactation consultant; there’s plenty of help out there!

Your parenting style is unique

Once you become a parent, you would naturally start to notice how your friends and relatives parent their kids.

Choosing a parenting technique that is not the norm doesn’t mean your methods are wrong, though. Everyone has their own unique style of parenting and it is best not to compare yourself to others.

Being judgemental is a big no-no

One thing to keep in mind is that others don’t deserve to be judged either for the way they parent their kids.

Remember that we are all facing the same challenges as parents and we need all the support we can get. So, be the first to congratulate other mums on a job well done!

Try to look at the bigger picture

We know that asking a new mum not to stress is easier said than done. Because when it comes to her brand new baby – what doesn’t a new mum stress about?

Although it is natural to feel panicky and frustrated when your newborn wails, you will learn as time goes by that crying won’t kill him.

The same goes if your baby has missed a feed, slept for an extra hour, or skipped her morning poop. With experience, you will learn not to stress about the small stuff and look at the bigger picture. If your baby is healthy and happy in general, that’s all that matters!

There are days you are going to feel like running away

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Just like admitting that you are exhausted, it is okay to admit that you are so stressed that you need a break from your baby. Again, this doesn’t make you a bad mum – just a human one!

To preserve your sanity and to avoid feeling overwhelmed and stressed all the time, it is important to delegate ‘baby duties’.

Sit down with your hubby and make a list of things that need to be done for your baby. Now, divide the duties among the people in your household.

If it’s just you and your hubby and the two of you are struggling to handle the workload, it might be a good idea to employ a helper to do the non-baby related chores around the house.

Record all your baby’s milestones

A baby’s first few years are jam-packed with milestones. Make sure to record some of them, be it in the form of photographs, videos, or scrapbooks.

Kids grow up so fast… before you know it, they will be in their tweens. You will no doubt appreciate looking back on memories of how they got there!

Spend quality time with your baby

Don’t forget to enjoy your baby by spending quality time with her. Play with her, sing to her, and just be with her. She is not going to stay this size forever!

Forget about the piling laundry and the ton of housework. Remember, you are creating memories you will cherish forever.

Mums, what is the one piece of advice for new mums you have to offer…have we mentioned it here? If we haven’t please leave a comment to let us know.



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Minoli Almeida

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