Adult women don diapers -- to save time!

Adult women don diapers -- to save time!

Diapers are usually only worn by those too young or old to control their bowels. Find out why a growing number of adult women are turning to diapers as an alternative to bathrooms.

adult diapersBig baby?
Diapers are usually seen on babies, but in a bizarre trend sweeping Japan, more adult women are stocking up on diapers for their own use! According to Japanese media, adult diapers are increasingly popular among Japanese women who say wearing them saves them a lot of time.

Diapers to work
In what is being described as an exhibition of extreme laziness, the women who were interviewed in a special feature by SPA magazine, say that using diapers saves them time. One such girl is 25-year-old Kaori Adachi (not her real name). She works in a Tokyo real-estate agency and for the last six months she has been wearing diapers to work almost every day. These diapers allow her to pass urine without stopping her work to visit the bathroom. The diapers are extra absorbent and saves her a trip to the bathroom.

Convenient and efficient?
Adachi goes on to say that wearing diapers is convenient for her as she can pee on the go and is really great when you can’t find a bathroom.

We do realise that the Japanese are known workaholics but this ‘time-saving‘ technique is really taking it a wee (pun intended) bit far. According to the other women interviewed, they will only use the diapers when they’re dressed in a skirt or a dress, because pants make it obvious there’s extra padding down there. They also were quick to add that they would skip the diaper when they were out on dates.

In a sign of it’s popularity, adult diapers are stocked in the woman hygiene section in stores all over Japan. It is interesting to observe the motivations behind this phenomenon and we wonder if this trend might take off in Singapore.

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Wafa Marican

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