Adopting & pregnant: Thomas Rhett, Laura Akins all set for parenting duties

Adopting & pregnant: Thomas Rhett, Laura Akins all set for parenting duties

Thomas and Laura are clearly all set to welcome parenthood by adopting a child as well as waiting for their biological progeny to arrive!

The American country music singer and songwriter is over the moon! Thomas and his wife are adopting a baby from Africa very soon. But that’s not it. Going by their announcement on Instagram, his wife Lauren Akins is also pregnant with their first biological child. Amazing news, eh?

According to the buzz, the two were on a week-long safari in Tanzania when Lauren got the first hint of being pregnant. While Thomas said that she should get a pregnancy test done, the lady was in clear denial. “I was 100 percent sure I was not pregnant,” she said according to this report.

Incidentally, they had decided that they would love to adopt a child from Africa, months before they realised they are expecting their own biological offspring. They had even started the process for adopting a child. Since they hadn’t conceived for a while, the couple had stopped trying for a baby and just decided that adopting would be an option they should consider.

In an absolutely adorable manner, the couple announced this wonderful news on the social media site and their smiles said it all. "OH BABY! actually...BABIES! Our hearts are exploding with happiness for y'all to meet our new baby who we are bringing home from Africa soon who is also going to have a little brother or sister because, SURPRISE! there's a sweet baby in my belly too #adopting&pregnant #cominginhot2017," said their Instagram picture caption. Check it out here:

Adopting a child comes with a lot of responsibilities. It’s as exciting and exhilarating an experience as raising your own biological child. So how do you make sure you are prepped up for this new bundle of joy:

  • A low-key homecoming: As much as you are thrilled about getting home your adopted child, the child himself may be feeling too overwhelmed about this move. Avoid having big celebrations as soon as the child is home. Letting him get accustomed to the new place and people. Let him get comfortable enough to enjoy the celebrations with his family
  • Keep him close: It takes nine months for a baby growing in your womb to know you, your sound, smell and every movement. The adopted child has missed those crucial moments. Once he is home, ensure you keep him close to you. Spend as much time together, in close proximity, as is possible.
  • Give him time to adjust: The new child will need time to get used to your, your family, the new home and surroundings. Respect his pace. Do not rush him into being friendly with the neighbourhood kid. It may take him longer than you imagined to get a comfortable transition into this new life.
  • Be kind to yourself: Things may not go as you expected. Things rarely go as per plans anyway. Cut yourself some slack. The baby mistaking longer to ‘fall in love’ with his parents? It’s okay. It doesn’t mean you are doing something wrong. It just means that the baby needs some more time to detach himself from where he comes and forge new bonds.

You have your bundle of joy home, after all the paperwork and months of waiting. Try to enjoy those moments. Take it just as you would take the arrival of your own biological newborn, stay calm and just go with the flow.

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