5 ways you can help your children be superheroes in their own right

5 ways you can help your children be superheroes in their own right

As parents, we are increasingly reminded that grades do not define our children. Here are practical ways we can build character and life-long values. Let’s encourage our little ones to make a difference in improving situations they care deeply about.

In our incredibly fast-paced and competitive society, it’s all too easy for us parents to lose sight of the important things that help shape the kind of people our children will grow up to become. But sometimes, all it takes for our children to become superheroes in their own right is a few activities for family bonding that will teach them empathy and countless other positive values.

In every child is the potential for profound positive change. Each of them can step up like superheroes to make a difference in their own way. That’s why there’s no better time than early childhood to teach them about the super powers they have to help someone feel cared for.

It’s not difficult either. All you need is an open heart and an active imagination for hours of fun and meaningful family bonding time. 

1. Give and Share Joyfully to Benefit Others

5 ways you can help your children be superheroes in their own right

Children are used to giving away things that are used or not needed. Help them to go the extra mile by practicing generosity in their daily lives: such as sharing a prized possession with someone else in need. There is hardly anything that doesn’t benefit charities these days! Another toy in the pile could possibly mean the world to another child.

Sharing with friends is a great place to start, but making the effort to go to a donation centre can truly make your child feel like a superhero.

And if you celebrate Chinese New Year, now is also a great time to teach your kids the importance of spreading joy to and sharing their excesses with the less fortunate during this holiday season.

2. Embark on an Educational Adventure

Festive seasons are not always about lavish gifts and trips. Embark on an educational adventure with Sharity™ and friends with your child to find out how we can care for one another.

activities for family bonding

There’s plenty of relevant social issues for children to learn (such as the importance of teamwork, how to deal with bullying, and caring for persons with disabilities) in between all the fun adventures that Sharity™ and his friends get up to.

Subscribe to this YouTube channel to find many meaningful episodes.       

3. Make Handmade Gifts Instead of Buying

Like most parents, you probably want to share with your kids the importance of meaningful giving. Involving them in curating their own gifts. Reiterate that they don’t need frenzy and frills, heaps of big wrapped gifts, excess packaging or lavish treats to make someone’s day. All that is required is a few activities for family bonding.

Download and print Sharity™ games/crafts and allow your little ones to decorate freely with drawing blocks, cards, paint, colours or other materials that allow imaginative play and fun.

activities for family bonding

5 ways you can help your children be superheroes in their own right

These activities present an outlet for expression. And what's more, parents can take this creativity a step further and send completed crafts to organisations or charities. Potential recipients can include children with special needs, thankless heroes (bus drivers, cleaners, hawkers and service staff etc) and loved ones. Kids will love knowing that they are helping others with these fun activities!

The most generous gifts are those given without a particular occasion to show simple appreciation. Let your children relish in the joy of giving from their hearts.

Fun Fact: Did you know that two Sharity™ and Friends characters, Flappy and Spikey, represent persons with disabilities and persons with autism respectively? It’s all about being inclusive!

4. Up for a ‘Sharity Challenge’?

Kids love challenges! So why not challenge your little ones to perform six caring deeds – two at home, two at school, and two in the community? Inspire children to step up and be a Sharity™ to others. All they have to do is care deeply and share freely with one another. It’s the little things that you do that mean the world!

Share + Charity = Sharity

Encourage your child’s good behaviour and reward them with a mini Sharity™ sticker album* that will be mailed to you when you e-mail their six completed deeds.

  • Send photos of each charitable deed and your mailing address to Team_S[email protected].
  • Include “Dear Sharity, I have been caring!” as your subject title.

activities for family bonding

5. Download and Print These Educational Posters for Preschoolers, Toddlers and Kids!

We were sold when we came across these adorable A to Z Sharity and Friends poster series! These 26 values of caring and sharing run in alphabetic order to make early learning fun and meaningful. Not only does it help expand one’s vocabulary, but it’s also child friendly to make caring and sharing relatable and easy to understand. Be sure to "LIKE" and download the full series from their Facebook album.

activities for family bondingactivities for family bonding

activities for family bonding

Share + Charity = Sharity!

Did you know Sharity™ was coined from the word ‘Share’ and ‘Charity’?

Follow our Care & Share superhero, Sharity™, on Facebook or Instagram, and visit this Resource Portal for additional lesson plans and printable resources.

Fellow parents, let us remember that while we’re all under pressure to raise academically successful children, we must never forget that it is more important to raise caring, thoughtful and compassionate children. Let compassion be ingrained in your children by reminding them that giving, caring and sharing are part of everyday life.

Remember, it takes every tiny heart to make the world a better place!

*while stocks last

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Written by

Nasreen Majid

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